Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hello again
Im calm today i had my rant yesterday so today i got on with decorating and lighting my springwood cottage the pictures are below but dont look too closely because there are faults lol... This is where im at so far but there's lots more to do.

It took me ages to get the lights done they just didnt want to co-operate but heres the view with the front open.

Attic room one

Attic room two

This will be the bathroom




Basement room one

Basement Room two

Foot of the stairs with my doormat in the shot

Outside of the house lit

Another shot of my doormat

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Hello Again
I Had decided to use this blog as a hobby focused thing and not to write personal stuff but this past few days have really floored me and i need to get my thoughts out of my head and in black and white so to speak....As you know if your a regular reader of this blog i had a real tough few months with having a surgically induced stroke being paralised bla bla bla you know all about it...well anyway i have had an xray on my head and it turns out the stupid idiots left fragments of metal in my head during my emergency op to remove the huge haematoma they caused, god only knows how this is possible but now they need me to have a CT scan so they can know exactly where they are and if they need to remove them or as you can probably imagine im really angry and very scared over this i dont trust any doctors or so called medical professionals any more trust is something you earn and as far as im concerned they havent earned mine. Anyway i needed to get that all out im sorry to spoil the fun but surprisingly i feel a lot better for getting it all out.... (and relax)
I Need to talk about fun stuff now as this is getting to feel more like a counceling session and i dont want that...

So what do you do when your stressed?? i go shopping and today i did just that.
We went to a dollshouse shop and picked up my basement i ordered for my springwood cottage i mentioned in an earlier post, i also picked up some carpet and fimo Kitchen furniture and a couple of other things ...then we found a wonderful needlework shop it was like an aladins cave full of stuff and is definately on my list for another visit lol...
I Bought a new pair of scissors (the pretty girly type lol...)and some embroidery canvas and threads as if i didnt have enough (hey im dealing with stres here lol...)

Then we came home and i played (Err did i say play i mean arranged)the kitchen furniture i bought. And built my basement i have to say it really didnt take me long and im really pleased with myself here are some pictures of the house and basement together.

This is house and basement exterior it was by The Dolls House Emporium and came already decorated its called a quick build and i have to say it really is.
I have started decorating the house but im really not sure about it just yet
i have only built the basement no plans yet.

This is the first attic room im deciding who's room this will be

This is as far as i have got with the second attic room

This is the master bedroom

Friday, 29 January 2010

Here are some non mini photos the first one is one of my house cats Carmen giving me the look she doesnt really like having her picture taken and is obviously not amused lol...i cant get into bed without her trying to squeeze in under the covers its great when its cold though lol....

Here is a picture of one of the mountains around here after the snow cleared

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hello again
I hope your all finding time for minis so far this year.
I want to welcome yet another new follower fabshabbyroses its nice of you to follow along im not sure if theres a blog i cant seem to find anything on you But its nice to have you here all the same.

I have been busy again today although the sewing is good for the arms its not good for the belly bottom or thighs but i love it (the sewing that is lol...)i just hope im going to be in a possition to start some light excercise soon lol.....
i completed the little girls bedroom carpet and im really happy with it i cant wait to put it in my dollhouse, here are some pictures of it but i dont think they are too good though. i like my new camera but im not very good with it yet,im a slow learner it may take a while lol....


Hello again
I would like to say welcome to another new follower Rosarita thanks for following along on my journey here, Rosarita makes amazing teddy bears and has a great blog for you to check out.

Today i had another stitch marathon lol...
I started another carpet yesterday and after a few hours stitching today I am almost finished with my second carpet for my little girls bedroom i enjoyed stitching the first one and since i didnt want any squabbles in my dollshouse i thought i should make one for my little girls bedroom too i mean you know what kids are like cant give one without the other lol...
It looks really nice so far, i toyed with the idea of changing the pattern a little but couldnt find my square paper so i just stuck to the same pattern its probably for the best anyway like i said i dont want any squabbles lol.....
I will post pictures of the finished carpet tomorrow
see you then...

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hello again im trying to be good honest....
Here is a picture of my latest completed project the picture really isnt very good but i think you can see what it is just about lol...
Its in my little boys bedroom at the moment,I think it looks good i might even stitch another for my little girls bedroom i think its cute and im going to try my hand at making teddy bears from clay for the kids toys. I started stitching a wallhanging with a teddy bear too, all of a sudden i have a thing for bears....i'll post pictures when i finish.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Hello again
I feel so guilty
first off i havent written in a couple of days i have had a few bad days i get them every so often especially if i let myself think over the past seven months or so its really not a good idea to start remembering it all so maybe i should shut up about it.... ok i will lol....
Anyway i started another project yesterday i know i know very bad girl although it's a carpet and not another dollshouse so i dont suppose im too guilty, I dont have any pictures of it yet im waiting until its finished then i will show you. Im making it for my little boys bedroom in my willow although it could be used in a swap im not sure just yet we will see......Thats how a lot of my projects start out they are usually made for one of my houses but quite often are sent away to one of my mini friends instead so maybe i'll never get around to finishing anything for myself..... ahhh but thats the way it is and anyway its so much nicer to give a mini gift to a friend and see the happiness it brings dont you agree!!

Monday, 18 January 2010


Today i had a real fun mini day i thought i should put my fears of fimo aside and give it a try and all in all i really dont think i did too badly.
I also found a fun tutorial for a bird feeder and thought i should give that a go too and again i dont think it turned out too badly im just waiting for the glue to dry and then i'll find a spot to hang it from on my dolls house.

you know these are really addictive and i couldnt make just one, i know your supposed to use fimo glaze varnish but i didnt have any of that so i just used ordinary clear nail varnish and i think it looks ok but only time will tell.

I made another and also got brave and attempted to make a bowl too.

I wanted to see how it would look in a scene and i think it looks ok

And here is my bird feeder i found a great tutorial on a site and wanted to give it a go i didnt have the exact items needed but i improvised a bit and i think it looks ok i just have to try and make some birds maybe that will be next lol...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hello again
Im back with the pictures i told you about in my earlier post the first picture is of the three different types of footstools i made i have really enjoyed making these and i can tell you they are really addictive lol...

Here is one of the embroidered panels i used to make the placemats i originally thought i could use them for yet another footstool but they came out too small so i decided to use them for placemats im not sure if i could laminate them or would they come out too thick.

Here are the six complete placemats im really pleased with how they turned out im off to try them in my willow.

Here they are in the kitchen i have just placed them on the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are michaels hutches split in half im undecided what to do to finish them, i also plan to use the top halfs of the hutches on the walls above im just working things out trying to decide how best to use them.

Here they are on the table and i think the size was just right im tempted to make a few more sets in different colours to use in some of my other houses i love it when i make something that really works lol...what a good feeling.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Hello Im back
I have been a little off form for a couple of days but im back on track now.I finally decided what to use the embroidery in my previous post for i made up another four of the small florals and now have six i turned them into table placemats i have pictures but due to using a dongle internet stick as im away from home right now i cant upload the pictures the connection is far from great but hey i have made them all placed them in my farm house (The willow) took pictures now i just have to get a better connection to upload them but i think they look pretty good. The cat embroidery i made up and im using them as door mats in my willow and the springwood cottage i got just before christmas i ordered the basement for it yesterday but i have to wait for it so im making plans in my mind but i really should be writing them down my memory is really not what it used to be but there you go. I also made a couple more footstools i used a different pattern again one is for a swap and the other for me im pleased with the way they turned out too the thing is im sort of hooked on making footstools now but im sure i'll find a place for them all. I Will upload pictures later today when i have a better internet connection. Now what can i make next... oh yeah i also finished wallpapering my springwood cottage and added lights to it im too good lately lol...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Snow

Ok this is what i have been up to today, Its Been so cold and we had a lot of snow through the night so i was unable to get out anywhere so i just got on with some needlework i dont want this blog to be all about my needlework but right now im unable to get to any of my other craft supplies so needlework it is for now i have stitched these items im not sure what i'll do with them just yet but the hard part is done.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hello again
Today was quite a stressful day for me i had to go to the same hospital i had my stroke i was so nervous and i was very glad to be out of there. It has been snowing here most of the day and we have quite a lot down on the ground right now anyway i thought i would post more pictures of some other minis and houses i have.I will post some pictures of the inside of the houses, The large grey house has only been worked on the outside and wallpapered on the inside but there is no flooring or lighting inside yet, these houses are in my craft shed at the end of my garden and it hasnt been possible to work on them the past few months and now the weather is so cold i am unable to go out there so these are all going to have to wait. as you can tell im great at starting projects but not great at getting them completed i really need to get into it.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Hello again
first off i have to say hello and thankyou to my new followers Tink,Lucia,Obsidian and beyond baffled, thank you all for following along with me here im happy to see you all.
I have to say i have not made any minis for a couple of days but just done odds and ends on my needlework i dont have any pictures yet as their not finished but i thought you might like to see a few pictures of the beautiful scenery around here after the snow its really very beautiful

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Here are some pictures of the inside of my willow dollshouse by corona its not quite finished on the outside i need to add the windows which i had a problem with initially so i have to make new ones i have some skinny sticks which i plan to use. Then i need to add the front door and the shingles i did actually apply the shingles a few months ago before going into hospital but i didnt like how they looked so i removed them i now have to do them again but this as you can see hasnt stopped me from working on the inside of the house, I found some adhesive squares in the craft shop yesterday which looked like tiles i used these in the kitchen but i have to buy some more, the hutches in the kitchen will be painted white with a grey counter. I have to make curtains too. I started this kit in january 2009 and had all good intentions of finishing it the same year but of course had a stroke in between so im a little behind but im on it now as well as the others lol...

Friday, 8 January 2010

Today and yesterday have been non mini days for me i didnt get around to making anything although i did go to my local bead and craft shops and bought a few more pretty bits n pieces. I have a started willow dollshouse by corona i havent finished the shingles and still have the exterior windows and front door to complete i know im a bad girl starting another house when i havent yet finished this one...well anyway because these kits tend to come without interior doors i thought i would try to use some pretty stringed beads and make some of those door strips (not the correct description) i cant think of the proper name for them but you know those strips they hung in doorways in the 70's and early 80's i just thought they might work i havent added them just yet so dont have any pictures im thinking of a way to do them that will look right. I also bought some small cameos which are actually buttons but i think i can snip the bale off and glue them to narrow ribbon to hanfg on the walls they are verry pretty. I will add some pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Today i didnt go to my hospital appointment because of the snow so i thought i would have a mini day instead, above are the tools i used to make the second lot of footstools i did for a swap.

First i stitched the design on 18 count aida the pattern is here in an earlier posting you could also use a small pattern design fabric if your in a hurry.

I cut two pieces of mountboard you could use other very stiff card or wood i dont do wood so mountboard is ideal for me lol....

Cover the mountboard with the chosen fabric or embroidery and pull all edges neatly to see if the mountboard is the correct size if not trim the board and try again. If you use patterned fabric instead of embroidery you might need to use a piece of felt or other padding for the seat part.
Glue the backside of the fabric and press all around all sides to secure hold for a few minutes until stuck.

Turn over whole assembly and check all edges are neat and neaten up by trimming with the scissors.
Then glue the second piece of mountboard to the back of the footstool press firmly until stuck well.
You need four beads or domed findings for feet you could even make your own with fimo or even use cabriole legs its up you what you use all would look ok.
Turn up the right way and check again if you are happy with this smooth around the edges with your fingers to make sure all fabric is stuck firm and not gaping.

Add fringe or trim of your choice here i have used eyelash yarn glue the trim on to the footstool and when happy with the position set aside to dry.

The underside of my completed footstool

This is the other colour yarn i used