Saturday, 30 January 2010


Hello Again
I Had decided to use this blog as a hobby focused thing and not to write personal stuff but this past few days have really floored me and i need to get my thoughts out of my head and in black and white so to speak....As you know if your a regular reader of this blog i had a real tough few months with having a surgically induced stroke being paralised bla bla bla you know all about it...well anyway i have had an xray on my head and it turns out the stupid idiots left fragments of metal in my head during my emergency op to remove the huge haematoma they caused, god only knows how this is possible but now they need me to have a CT scan so they can know exactly where they are and if they need to remove them or as you can probably imagine im really angry and very scared over this i dont trust any doctors or so called medical professionals any more trust is something you earn and as far as im concerned they havent earned mine. Anyway i needed to get that all out im sorry to spoil the fun but surprisingly i feel a lot better for getting it all out.... (and relax)
I Need to talk about fun stuff now as this is getting to feel more like a counceling session and i dont want that...

So what do you do when your stressed?? i go shopping and today i did just that.
We went to a dollshouse shop and picked up my basement i ordered for my springwood cottage i mentioned in an earlier post, i also picked up some carpet and fimo Kitchen furniture and a couple of other things ...then we found a wonderful needlework shop it was like an aladins cave full of stuff and is definately on my list for another visit lol...
I Bought a new pair of scissors (the pretty girly type lol...)and some embroidery canvas and threads as if i didnt have enough (hey im dealing with stres here lol...)

Then we came home and i played (Err did i say play i mean arranged)the kitchen furniture i bought. And built my basement i have to say it really didnt take me long and im really pleased with myself here are some pictures of the house and basement together.

This is house and basement exterior it was by The Dolls House Emporium and came already decorated its called a quick build and i have to say it really is.
I have started decorating the house but im really not sure about it just yet
i have only built the basement no plans yet.

This is the first attic room im deciding who's room this will be

This is as far as i have got with the second attic room

This is the master bedroom


  1. Dear Rachel! It´s good to say it all out loud. Hope you´ll get answers soon, and that they will be good. I´m so glad to hear that you can find releaf in miniature. You are so strong determined that you always will find such a place I can tell- thats good too!
    The very best

  2. Rachel venting is good for the soul! It's never good to keep the stuff that's bothering you and BTW OMG!!!!! I can't believe they missed them! I'll keep you in my thoughts hun!
    I tend to shop too when I am stressed...unless I am broke, then I read! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Thanks ladies im just sorry i lost it and had to have a grump hoping for good news though so i suppose i must stay optimistic (spelling)