Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hello and welcome to all new followers thank you so much for following my blog i appreciate you being here.
We brought Charlie home yesterday he was a little quiet after having six teeth out two of which were root extractions and i asked them to clean his ears they were very dirty but he wouldnt let us clean them so the vet did it whilst he was out so
he earned quiet i think but today he is a bit more like himself so in a day or so he should be back to normal im glad to have him back and i think he's happier i hope he's happier and pain free.
Today i found some skeletons i have been looking for these for ages so im glad i finaly found some they were attached to a piece of twine but came untied easy enough now i thought i could dress some of these up and put some of my hats i made on them think that might be a fun look

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Hi im still waiting to go pick up charle we can get him at 3.30pm so thought i would blog to show you my latest purchase before we collect him. I got this this morning so im thinking of things i want to do with it, I thought i could pinch some of pauls ideas for finishing it i like the cotswold stone effect in buff colour tones i want to try the etching on it and i plan on having one wall without a window so it makes interior planning easier i thought i would make it a mystical shop selling witchy things and herbs maybe all things associated with spells and nature etc....

Monday, 27 September 2010


Hi today has been a stressfull day we took Charlie to the vets this morning for his dental op but when we rang at 4.00pm to see how things went they hadnt operated on him and wont until tomorrow their excuse was there wasnt enough vets on today but they made the booking in the first place so how can they even come up with a stupid excuse like that. I worried all day hoping things went allright and now i have to go through it all again tomorrow im so angry with them..... dont get me wrong im glad Charlie is ok but he's been there all day without food for no good reason but at least tomorrow he will be pain free when they take his teeth out.

Ok so rant over i stitched a christmas mat and some cushions today and a wall hanging from a few days ago when im worried i stitch. Enjoy the pictures see you tomorrow with better news hopefully

Sunday, 26 September 2010


as you probably know from reading my blog i have six cats five of which were rescues the last one being Charlie(picture in the side bar) well Charlie has had some major problems after being tossed out by his previous owners when they got tired of him instead of just asking someone if they could take him in i suppose they didnt want to inconvenience themselves..... so no home no food no warmth or shelter in freezing cold weather and believe me the winter we decided to take him was freezing. We took him in paid the vets bills were told he was border line hyperthyroid so they got him feeling better, but lately he's losing weight again so we got him checked out and yep you all guessed it he needs his teeth out now this is going to be the third one in as many months i have to say the other three are doing great so i dont dissagree with the vets descision but im just worried that he's too poorly to get through it. He has had some sickness the past couple of days but i think the need for his dental is great so we take him in tomorrow he'll be there overnight i always worry about my fur babies when they are away from home(god i sound like a worried mother) in some ways i feel like one haha but him being so poorly makes me worry even more i really hope he'll be ok after all he's been through in his little life and he's only 8 or 9 now not quite sure exactly. things could of been so different for Charlie if they had taken the time to rehome him properly but then we probably wouldnt have had the chance to care for him and im glad we have he's such a loving cat and i pray he'll be ok tomorrow. please if you see a stray animal you could possibly help but think would perhaps be too much trouble or someone else can do it please think again. I hope i can give you all some good news tomorrow and tuesday and be able to stop worrying

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Ok... so i have now got some pictures (not particularly good ones) of mystic meg outside her home doing a bit of sweeping and the pumpkins from last night im going to make more i'll try the carving myself this time if my hands are not too shaky i love these here but i also want a couple in the windows too. I also made some daffodils (our national emblem flower) you see meg likes growing things.
Now i did say i was going to make a witch but i really like meg so im keeping her she could always have a visit from her sister though you never know?
you cant really see the daffs too well but they look better in the flesh and im happy with these im off to try more pumpkins


Hello again
We made some pumpkins this evening paul carved out the faces for me then i marked and leafed them coloured them with a brown pastel then glossed them added some flickering tee lights and leaves some of the pumkins broke but i think they are still useable all in all i think they turned out ok im going to display them outside my witches hovel i will add pictures tomorrow. hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hello again
First of all i want to say hello and welcome to all new followers i feel so bad that i have neglected to welcome you all sooner im sorry about that i havent been feeling too good of late but think if i dont pull my finger out now im just going to get stuck in a permanent rutt so below are links to new followers blogs.
I want to say thanks also to Lainie of for advertising pauls blog thanks so much Lainie the project he is undertaking is going to be huge i hope you will all enjoy watching it come together as i am.



Paul (my other half )

Now you know when your going through stuff on the pc and you come across pictures you thought were lost well i have just done such a thing as some of you know i have real bad problems sleeping as in i dont... well not for very long anyway so i found some pictures of some carpets i stitched a few years ago before i learned how to add fringes so they dont have any and most of them i dont have anymore i gave them away to mini friends so maybe they have now added fringes. well anyway here are the pictures

Monday, 20 September 2010


Hi im back i have had a few rough days yet again feeling grotty this time with a bad kidney infection i have to see my doctor this afternoon again.
but anyway i have been stitching a few more things i have bath mats welcome mats and a wall hanging im also in the middle of stitching another carpet but pictures of that will come later.
Thanks for looking at Pauls new blog and for those who are now following a huge thanks from Paul. I have only heared from Clara and Shellby fay on the giveaway prizes i mailed out over a week ago i hope you have now all recieved them.
enjoy the pictures below

Friday, 17 September 2010


Hello to you all and welcome all new followers thanks for following my little blog im happy your all here come in have a sit down a cup of tea and some biscuits.
Thanks for all your well wishes for my baby girl Tabz she is well on the way to recovery and i think she actually realises it was for her own good i dont think she misses her teeth much.
Now i wanted to let you know Paul has finaly got his own blog so if anyone would like to go take a look its here its still early stages but any houses built will now feature here and not just on my blog please go take a look

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Hello again
I have some pictures of pauls second build this is a crofters cottage but he opted for the dirty weathered kind and not the whitewashed sort this is based on a genuine welsh crofters cottage dating from the turn of 18th century. I Think he's done a great job but alas its not for me its now sat in millies miniatures shop the pumping station in Cardiff south wales. so if you happen to be near there please pop in and take a look it looks far far better up close in real life than these pictures could allow.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Im so relieved we went to pick up my furry baby girl Tabz this afternoon i have had a horrible night and didnt sleep at all thinking about her i dont know who was the most nervous her or me lol...she was meowing so loud when we went into the vets and i think she was happy to see us i missed her so much so she has had an afternoon of pampering she's had her tuna and a snuggle up on my bed (yes they sleep on the beds their indoor cats so they are all clean) and anyway she needed the fussing and so did i i have been like a worried mother lol....
im just so pleased she's home.

I got a bit of stitching done on some other rugs i also got a pressie from my sister she came back from Turkey and brought me a few carpets or runners (they are actually bookmarks but make good runners i havent got pictures yet but i will im going back to cuddle with my baby girl tabz see you tomorrow

Monday, 13 September 2010


Hello everybody
things are a bit better today although im still very tired i had blood tests this morning checking my hormone levels etc and OMG it hurt i dont like needles but im not a complete baby im used to pain but first of all she couldnt find the vein in my left arm and so moved on to the right and nothing came out so after poking around a bit it finally started flowing and was almost black maybe im an alien...........
i felt quite ill afterwards so have been taking it easy on the setee so no minis again im getting withdrawls i need to get back to my minis.

paul mailed out all giveaway packages this morning so i hope i got everyones addresses right and please can you let me know when they arrive packages were sent out to

Shellby fay

I hope your going to like what i made
I think i may have mixed up some letters so if you have a letter with someone elses name on it im sorry its just me being blonde duhhh but the gifts are in the correct boxes....

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Im back for round two today i finally got out of bed got dressed although its a really good thing that no one can see me lol... i just took some pictures of my bath mats i stitched using the same pattern as the welcome mats but changing the duhh lol...and using some softer colours i really like them although the colours dont look as soft in the pictures i used baby blue and baby pink but they look a lot harder i also took some pictures of inside my springwood house this is the house im working at right now making things to fill it up, the residents seem to be more settled than when we last paid them a visit. anything you see stitched i did and my cakes and teapots are in the kitchen i also made the apron hats bags laundry basket and i sound so up in the mini department what i should tell you is its a good thing you cant see half of them up close lol.....not clever.
Im up and about im not sure how to lay down i must have energy like the duracel bunny haha yeah i wish i still feel like crap but lying down didnt help either so i just as well try to keep going. see you tomorrow

My bath mats

part of my dollshouse display sits in the spare bedroom the rest lives in my 16x9 foot shed and its still not enough room lol...

Inside some of the rooms in my springwood house

This is what i should be doing my cats do it so well Tabz is going to have her teeth out tomorrow i really hope she'll be ok she lives on her nerves but looking at this picture you would never believe it she's beautiful and such a good companion my baby girl...xx