Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hello again
First of all i want to say hello and welcome to all new followers i feel so bad that i have neglected to welcome you all sooner im sorry about that i havent been feeling too good of late but think if i dont pull my finger out now im just going to get stuck in a permanent rutt so below are links to new followers blogs.
I want to say thanks also to Lainie of for advertising pauls blog thanks so much Lainie the project he is undertaking is going to be huge i hope you will all enjoy watching it come together as i am.



Paul (my other half )

Now you know when your going through stuff on the pc and you come across pictures you thought were lost well i have just done such a thing as some of you know i have real bad problems sleeping as in i dont... well not for very long anyway so i found some pictures of some carpets i stitched a few years ago before i learned how to add fringes so they dont have any and most of them i dont have anymore i gave them away to mini friends so maybe they have now added fringes. well anyway here are the pictures


  1. I have stitched the first carpet you show, it's in my study with fringe attached. We must have the same books because I love the second pattern but not stitched it, no where to put it.

  2. Hi Marlene i have quite a few embroidery books if you would like patterns from any let me know. when we lived in England i stitched everything in sight for a couple of years but then got ill so stopped altogether but im gradually picking up the stitching again but only small rugs i think i should do a carpet again soon but cant make up my mind and im not sure i would finish it if i did i think i may do a medium sized one lol...

  3. Thanks for sharing Paul's blog with us. I love your rugs. They're just beautiful.

  4. ¡Cuanto trabajo! Veo que el punto de cruz lo dominas. Elegiste muy bien los colores.
    Otra limpieza en nuestras obligaciones va a ser limpiar el pc :)
    Besos Clara