Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hello again
first i'd like to say a huge thank you for all the well wishes i have recieved whilst feeling under the weather it certainly lifted my spirits and made things a lot better thanks to you all i appreciate it greatly

I now have the pictures i told you about a few days ago and a few extras
After having a very long drawn out crappy appointment this morning with my GP who to be frank i dont think knows his ass from his elbow i got home to discover i had reci
eved a Parcel from Scotland From my friend Allison how exciting......

Box opened

Bedroom furniture unwrapped

Bedroom in the puzzle house with gorgeous furniture made by Allison thanks Allison for such lovely gifts you certainly made my day if not week.

My puzzle house kitchen with beautiful items of furniture made by my friend Allison
and my first attempt at bread on bread board and fruit in a smaller scale but not quite to size.

First puzzle house where the furniture will live

Second puzzle house totaly kitbashed with a picture of how it was meant to look

The outside of second puzzle house

My other puzzle house which has been totaly kit bashed by paul with the gorgeous floors he has made

The inside of it with the lovely floors although not really to scale but im not complaining i think they look great

Playing around with the kitchen furniture Allison made

Monday, 28 June 2010


Hello im sorry i havent been blogging lately but i have been feeling quite ill and really havent had the patience or energy to do anything however i will have some pictures shortly of what paul has been upto he has took over the second puzzle house(i think he was fed up of it being left undone)and it is now totally different to how its supposed to look but i have to say i really like what he's done with it. I just dont have the imagination he has to do things.
I have a couple of new followers i want to welcome and thank for following my blog theres

Naty whos fabulous blog you will find here

And Lainie whos fab blog is here

And Lisette whos fab blog you will find here

Thanks so much ladies for following my blog i appreciate it

Monday, 21 June 2010


Hello again
After a mad couple of days im back and first off i have to say hello and welcome to Piikko who has a lovely blog for you to look at thanks for folowing my blog im glad to have you here

Ok so i have been a little busy i started a house about five years ago but never got around to finishing it ahh the story of my life lol.....
so i decided to have at it and finish it by now it looks well and truly aged lol...but thats the way i wanted it below are some pictures

The windows had been stained but i wanted to make them look aged so i roughly painted them with white paint to make them look a little dirty

House without the windows

Windows and door painted

Windows and door in place

Inside the house

I used stone coat paint in white limestone colour to give it a rough grubby looking appearance i want it to look like its seen better days.

The Glencroft is going to be my next big project after i complete the townhouse

Some nice little finds from today i bought these in a discount store really very cheap

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Hello again
I mentioned a few weeks ago i had a couple of puzzle houses 24th scale or there about i had started building one and then moved swiftly on to the other not finishing the first one so i have been subjected to jibes from the other half because they have both been sat on a counter in the kitchen for a few weeks (i know im a bad person i dont know of any body else who does this lol....) so anyway today i decided to finish the first one yep you read me right i said finish as in complete a dollshouse i think i must be comming down with something lol...The reason its taken me so long to get this done is because the shingles were left to be done the kit didnt actually come with shingles as such just lines painted on the roof pieces but i didnt like this so i knew i would have to add my own now as i said this is not something i like to do but i had some shingles lying around and thought they would be ok to use now before you all start shouting at me i know the scale isnt right i just wanted to get this house done so i can move onto the other one here are some pictures of my little puzzle house its not amazingly wonderful or anything but im quite happy with how it turned out i just have to add some skirting boards to the last room and its ready to make pretties i have never made anything in this size before so i dont know how things will turn out but we shall see.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Ok so the first attic room now has its tennant after a few viewings her name is Lola and she will be moving in soon

Here are some of the
other patterns from the current book im working through i am really enjoying this book and reccomend it although im adding the patterns as im going along anyway so enjoy.

This is the next book im going to be working from although i have already stitched a few of the carpets from this one its a great book and one i really enjoy the patterns are a bit more intricate than in the first book but well worth the effort.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Today i finaly finished the next project which was a bathmat. I thought i would use it in the bathroom of the springwood house but im not so sure now i might keep it for another project or simply just change it from time to time i may just stitch something more flowery and pretty.

Here are a few pictures i know their really poor pictures i must get a better camera i really think i will stitch a prettier bathmat nothing is permanent in this bathroom i want to do quite a bit of work in here

These are my favourite rooms so far i stitched a rug for the first attic room and im stitching one for the other attic room now all my swaps are out of the way im concentrating on making things for my own dollhouse i like to use my carpets and i think they look pretty good and at least it gives me something to do to keep my mind off stuff.

Here are some pictures of my plant i made a few days ago i got brave enough to show it off lol...i actually like it now it doesnt look too bad maybe with some practice i can make a better looking one.