Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hello again
first i'd like to say a huge thank you for all the well wishes i have recieved whilst feeling under the weather it certainly lifted my spirits and made things a lot better thanks to you all i appreciate it greatly

I now have the pictures i told you about a few days ago and a few extras
After having a very long drawn out crappy appointment this morning with my GP who to be frank i dont think knows his ass from his elbow i got home to discover i had reci
eved a Parcel from Scotland From my friend Allison how exciting......

Box opened

Bedroom furniture unwrapped

Bedroom in the puzzle house with gorgeous furniture made by Allison thanks Allison for such lovely gifts you certainly made my day if not week.

My puzzle house kitchen with beautiful items of furniture made by my friend Allison
and my first attempt at bread on bread board and fruit in a smaller scale but not quite to size.

First puzzle house where the furniture will live

Second puzzle house totaly kitbashed with a picture of how it was meant to look

The outside of second puzzle house

My other puzzle house which has been totaly kit bashed by paul with the gorgeous floors he has made

The inside of it with the lovely floors although not really to scale but im not complaining i think they look great

Playing around with the kitchen furniture Allison made


  1. Good that you're feeling better :) And those puzzle houses look great, Allison's furniture is fab! And I love what Paul has done with the the house :) Are the houses near to 1:12 scale?

  2. Thanks Ira i think they are nearer to 24th scale but not exact but their ok for a quick project i love your 25 euros house on your blog

  3. Damn, I've been looking at those houses in the web, but 1:24 is way too small for my chubby fingers :D And thanks, still wondering what to do with it :)

  4. Aww im sure you'll come up with some fab idea like normal lol...