Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Hello and welcome to lots of lovely new followers i cant believe im at 106 now so in order to show my appreciation im altering my giveaway a little bit there will now be two giveaways with three prizes each theres so many entries so far and i also think i confused things by putting up the pictures on a different post so im feeling a little guilty.
Thanks to all of you for entering so far and adding the link to your blogs i appreciate it.
So what will the additional prizes be....i have more hats to give away each winner will recieve two hats each i will be putting up the winners names for both sets of giveaways on tuesday 7th september and you will have two days to email me your addresses to mail the prizes if i dont hear from the winners then i will pick another
This is the post for my second giveaway to be included in this giveaway you have to be a follower of my blog and post a comment here
all comments on this post will be entered into a draw for one of the following prizes hope you enjoy winners will be posted on my blog on the 7th september so keep watching and good luck

First prize

Second prize

Third prize

Monday, 30 August 2010


Hello i hope your all well im sorry i wasnt up to blogging yesterday but im here now i have had a busy day cutting out corsets all day ready to stitch and make up tomorrow. I made 34 carpet bags yesterday which im hoping i can sell at some point im done with the hats for a while but i have loved making them so i probably wont leave it too long before i make a few more i am going to be making more bonnets they were a lot of fun to make and i have loved making them paul says its been like a production line lol... first hats then bags now corsets haha im hooked what can i make next i still have my witch to make and also a fisherman for friend in my mini group so im going to be quite busy for a while yet but it keeps my mind of other unpleasant stuff so its all good thanks for all your lovely comments and welcome Sharon and Iris im glad you found my blog its good to have you here.
I Will post pictures of my carpet bags and any corsets i finish tomorrow right now im off to bed im absolutely exhausted i have had a rough few days im just so glad for miniatures it keeps my mind focused at least partly lol
i have also been using the wii fit in order to strengthen my leg and my arm
its tough but im hopeful maybe i can shed some of the extra weight im carrying lately too anything is helpful at this point .... see you all tomorrow with pictures of carpet bags and corsets i cant wait for the 7th for my giveaway it should be very exciting thanks for everyone whos taking part so far and has anyone heared from Ira merry jingle im quite concerned i sent her an email but havent heared anything back yet its been a few days Ira i hope your ok if your reading this.

see ya tomorrow

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Hello again
I Hope your not bored of my hats but i made a few more today and also a few bonnets and just wanted to show you all i used a different flower this time and i think it looks ok what do you all think??
Im glad i have a few responses for my give away i would be ashamed if no one wanted to win my handmade items so please keep em comming the more the merrier as they say just go to my giveaway post and make a comment but be sure your a follower of my blog in order to be included you dont have to post my giveaway on your blogs but if you do you will get two chances of winning so i have my hats and carpet all ready for sending to the winners now i just need to make some corsets and im all set ready to mail them out when the time is right so im off to make preperations for the corsets i still havent made my witch yet but i will try it soon so be ready for a giggle lol...

Friday, 27 August 2010


Ooohhh this is exciting i have actually managed to get up to 100 followers and im really amazed by it my humble little blog has followers whoohoo i would like to say
a huge thanks to all of you who listen to my ramblings and hello and welcome to new followers here and thanks for comming along so now its time for a giveaway.

There will be three draws and they will take place on the 7th of september all you have to do to be in the draw is be a follower of my blog and comment on this post i will mail to anywhere in the world so dont be shy come and join in Paul will pick the the winners for me as my cats and Rabbits dont have hands lol..

First prize

second prize

Third prize

So if you would like to join in just leave me a comment here and your names will be added to the draw i will post winning names on my blog on the 7th september so stay tuned and have fun good luck to you all

Monday, 23 August 2010


Hello Im back again and im relieved to say im feeling a lot better yeay...i made a few more hats and also tried a bonnet im not sure about it though i think i need a lot more practice at it but its not terrible terrible.

Im still at 98 followers i have been ready for hitting the 100 mark but it hasnt happened yet but im ready for my giveaway when it does i will mail anywhere in the world to whoever the winner will be so stay tuned for the big 100 mark all i ask is that you are a follower and you leave a comment on my giveaway post which i will make as soon as i hit 100 dont worry if your not already a follower just yet theres still time to become one then i will enter all people who have left a comment on the giveaway post and pick a winner i may even have two winners.

I also Want to welcome new followers who i have neglected to say hello to as yet im glad your all here i have added the pictures of my new hats below
enjoy the pictures but im sure by now your all used to my non existent photographic skills but i think you can at least make out what the images are lol...I would like to say a huge thankyou for all the lovely comments on my hats.
I Follow most if not all your blogs and only manage to leave comments on some but be sure i read all your blogs and am so pleased to have found blogland i cant remember what i did without it your blogs are an amazing source of inspiration and i love looking at them all enjoy the pictures

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Hello again
I have had a productive day today even though im still struggling with my cold or whatever it is i went to see the doctor and he says "oh its some kind of lurgie"
I hate that word i mean what does that mean its not flu because i havent been aching at least not until today but it doesnt feel like flu so maybe its a virus and im about to crash.. ha not until i finished my hats i wont.... im really enjoying making them i bought a few more new trims and i have to say for some simple little hats im loving the results and they actually look good on my dolls too and not just my cats and rabbits lol....they have recovered now although i tried to get carmen my other furry girl to pose wearing some today and not a chance she ran... im not cruel to my fur babies i love them all to pieces we have had a rough few days with charlie being sick and generally unwell but i think he's come through it now poor baby i dont like it when my babies are ill
Anyway thanks for all your lovely comments they are truly appreciated and here are some pictures of todays hats i'll make a few more tomorrow i think im addicted heehee...