Saturday, 21 August 2010


Hello again
I have had a productive day today even though im still struggling with my cold or whatever it is i went to see the doctor and he says "oh its some kind of lurgie"
I hate that word i mean what does that mean its not flu because i havent been aching at least not until today but it doesnt feel like flu so maybe its a virus and im about to crash.. ha not until i finished my hats i wont.... im really enjoying making them i bought a few more new trims and i have to say for some simple little hats im loving the results and they actually look good on my dolls too and not just my cats and rabbits lol....they have recovered now although i tried to get carmen my other furry girl to pose wearing some today and not a chance she ran... im not cruel to my fur babies i love them all to pieces we have had a rough few days with charlie being sick and generally unwell but i think he's come through it now poor baby i dont like it when my babies are ill
Anyway thanks for all your lovely comments they are truly appreciated and here are some pictures of todays hats i'll make a few more tomorrow i think im addicted heehee...


  1. You have been busy! You must have enough hats to start a hat shop by now :))

    I had to click on every one of them so I could see the details, they're all great, I can't pick a fave.

  2. wonderful hats Rachel, congratulations I like all!

  3. A few more? have incredable speed. I love them all. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Rachel, these hats are wonderful, as usual though! Love them all.

  5. Amazing a lot's of wonderful hats what a project, nice job!

  6. ¡Una colección magnífica de sombreros! Con gripe te han salido perfectos, cuando no tengas gripe ¿cómo los harás?
    Besos Clara.

  7. Rachel, your hats are beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.