Sunday, 26 December 2010


Here are some pictures of the items i recieved from Doreen in the christmas swap the items here were for halloween and were ideal for my witches hovel

These are the lovely goodies i got in a swap- with carolyn also going into my witches hovel thanks carolyn.


Merry christmas to all in blog land and beyond. Thought i'd pop by and say hello and show you the pictures of my international christmas swap to Nina with a few additional items i made i hope you liked them all Nina...we had to make three required types of mini first was a miniature toy so i sent a scooter and a pull along toy. then we had to make a halloween or autumn mini so i hand stitched a rug with pumpkins on. Then we had to make a christmas mini so i made a yule log and hand stitched a rug with ponsiettas and two cushions. i added a knitted beaded purse and a bathmat and welcome mat to the package hope you had a nice christmas Nina..xx My swap package came from Doreen thanks so much Doreen i love everything you made me and theres lots of goodies for my witches hovel eyeball stew skelly candles candy apples and lots more.... The toys were great two cuddly toys and hoopla and a pull along cart with blocks.... And lots of goodies for christmas in my dollshouse a fabulous tray of goodies for santa wreaths wrapping papers candy canes and gift bags and two stockings thanks again Doreen hope you have a lovely christmas and new year....xx
I want to say a huge thank you to Caterina for organising this swap it was great fun and i look forward to next years...xx

I hope your all enjoying your christmas it didnt snow on the day here but we still have it on the ground from last week so it was still a white christmas and its freezing. I have other pictures i want to show you of the fabulous swap i recieved from Carolyn so keep watching i will be adding that later today or tomorrow xx.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Hello again i cant believe how long its been i have quite a few new followers thanks so so much for sticking with me i appreciate it really i do i have been under a lot of stress yet again. Charlie is still not fully recovered but hanging in there so i hope he will improve more soon. Honey still has the problem with her eye and head but also hanging in there but now Poor Fern isnt well at all but i think this is just down to old age i truly dont know whats going on but things are really crappy for me i suppose thats what comes with having so many fur babies loss is innevetable but painful non the less.
Here are a few pictures of the view from our house pretty but really awkward and cold i cant wait for it to clear up but its safe to say we'll have a white christmas. I will try to keep up with my blogging cant promise that at the moment though so just incase i want to say merry christmas to you all and happy new year there are a few pictures below so please scroll down to see them xx

These are some sweaters/jumpers i knitted im really new to knitting and all i can say is i hope i get better at it im not too great at sewing them together they dont look too neat so please dont look too closely

In the kitchen you can see some of the fabulous gifts i recieved from Sonya and whats supposed to be a chicken i knitted it but need lots more practice its going to be used as a cover for something not sure for what yet though.

Another of my jumpers

Friday, 10 December 2010


Hello to you all again i will have news to share with you all later today on how Charlie and Honeys vet visit went but this morning i had a lovely surprise when the postman came he had a package for me.... now i wasnt expecting anything so i was very surprised it was from Shellby Fay and she had sent me many mini goodies there was a stitched cushion and a lovely bowl of fruit in a hazel nut shell (love that idea) and some chocolate bars and candy canes and ginger bread men and two mugs of hot cocoa with mallows some fabric and wrapped with lovely ribbons i love everything thank you so so much Shellby Fay your gift sure brightened my day im sorry my pictures are not good its very dark and cold here today but the gifts made it brighter thanks again


Thursday, 9 December 2010


Hi again sorry i havent blogged in a few days its just been one of those times i suppose. Charlie seems to be doing well so far with his recovery fingers crossed he's eating everything in sight hahaha must be his medication for thyroid but im happy he's doing so well even running to fetch someone when he's hungry lol...
Poor Honey still has the thing in her eye and still has the lump at the side of her head but seems to be happy all the same she's such a lovely tempered little bunnie and no problem at all, we have to take the two of them for checkups tomorrow afternoon so hopefully the vet will say they are doing ok at this time im more worried about Honey as Charlie seems to be more himself now so fingers crossed for both of them.
I notice i have a few new followers im sorry im not around a lot just now but im very glad your following my blog i promise to get back to minis soon although i have been working on some items for swaps for Caterina and Carolyn ladies you will be glad to know i have now packed them ready to mail out to you .....finaly hurrah lol...i will post them tomorrow and i hope you both like everything im sending.
see you all tomorrow

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Hi again
Im having the most rubbish time of it right now we had problems with Charlie but so far he seems to be making a recovery a very slow one at that but hey at least its some sort of recovery, Then we lost one of our little Rabbits i miss her so much even though she was quite feisty she was my baby girl and then yesterday saw us make yet another trip to our vets with one of my other Rabbits Honney she has some sort of abcess cant spell by her head and she has developed some sort of whiteness in her eye the vet gave her antibiotic and anti inflammetry and some baytril but i really hope she'll be ok theres no guarantee im just completely heartsick at the moment three problems in just over a week what other craps gonna get thrown my way im not sure whats happening im sure i didnt break any mirrors!!

Monday, 29 November 2010


PEPPER 2003-2006
HOLLIE 2004-2010
i want to thank everyone for their heartfelt comments on Charlie the outlook as of today looks better the vet said he had eaten and they had given him another antibiotic injection but he has to stay on the drip at least another 24 hours then they will do blood tests and give us news on what course of action to take for getting him better i was so relieved to hear this after yesterday things looked so grim but along with good comes bad and this morning paul discovered one of our other fur babies had passed through the night our little Rabbit Hollie had succumbed to her old age im so sad but i know she had a good life with us she was almost seven years old im just dreading what could happen next i can only take so much heartbreak at any one time.
Minis are on hold at the moment im sorry to Carolyn and Caterina who are waiting on swaps from me i hope to get back to minis in a day or two please bare with me

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hi im so sorry i have been m i a again i tried posting this twice and it hasnt worked so maybe third time lucky ehh...I have had another cold the fith one in so many months and think i may have passed it on to my cat Charle the poor boy has been so ill not eating or drinking hes at the vets again we have been three times in the past week and right now im so freeked out im scared of the worse they were putting him on a drip today and are doing blood tests in a day or so the vet thinks its thyroid problems but all i know is he slept in the bath last night and couldnt lift his little head this morning im so woried my animals are like my babies and im not ready to let him go yet paul is not one to show his feelings much but i think even he is upset the poor fella hasnt had a great time of it his monstrous previous owners tossed him out when they got bored with him and he has been up and down whilst we have had him im really hoping the saying a cat has nine lives is correct because this poor boy deserves another go of it im so upset and i have been so stressed i even messed up with my christmas swap package to Nina im sorry nina but i forgot to wrap them and didnt put my christmas card in i feel like such an idiot but i will send the card seperately please forgive me i hope you like what i made for you xx.
Doreen i recieved your package and im sorry to say i opened it i was on such a low i needed a pick me up im so sorry for ruining the surprise i know i should have waited but you made my day brighter with such lovely minis so im sorry for opening it early but thank you so much Doreen xx

Welcometo my new followers im sorry im such a mess right now but i appreciate you all being here
im not going to sleep much tonight as im so anxious and worried but my head hurts and i need to go to bed now i really hope im going to have better news to share with you about my boy please think possitive thoughts for Charlie xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hi again
Im having a bit of a crisis with my nephews blog i havent been blogging for a few days so only noticed this today but thank you norma for the heads up, Anyway the comments on ashleys blog are not visable and posts are also without writing troo can anyone tell me how to fix this the simpler the better please as i cant do difficult. i have a nagging twelve year old on my case and im nearly grey with the stress thanks in advance for any help.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Hi and welcome i have a couple of new followers i appreciate you being here and im glad you are following my blog.

I got a lovely surprise today when i recieved a package from Sonya oh wow such gorgeous goodies your work is fab Sonya thanks so so much i love everything the pictures really dont do these wonderful minis any justice but i am so delighted and just wanted to show you all and what a kind gesture from a lovely lady thanks again Sonya xx

Last night i went to one of my mini groups we had a man there showing us how to make primroses using porcelain paste not the easiest of stuff to work with in my opinion but then im no good with clay either and
i think he felt sorry for me as he gave me a Pot of flowers that he had made haha take note my pot is the little one in the picture the one that looks like its been over watered or not watered enough lol....that stuff is really not my fortet....although i did buy some cutters from him to try them in private without anyone making fun i was so embarassed everyone came away with a wonderful arrangement of primroses then there was mine haha.... i promise i will try harder and hope to have something that looks as it should in future.

I Almost have all my swap items ready to send my partner nina for the international christmas swap i will post pictures after the swap is complete i hope she will like what i have made im very nervous her work is so lovely. Im still knitting my little bags and have started a new carpet also,i hope to finish it soon although im not tackling it with my normal speed im relaxing whilst stitching in between my bags i have finished knitting a white bag for caterina i just need to make it up now and then i will make another for carolyn
whilst im waiting on my black crochet cotton i have to make two black ones too although i may make more as they are very addictive so i could be burried in them soon....
if this happens maybe i'll have to have another giveaway so watch this space ehh....

Sunday, 7 November 2010



for those of you that asked for the pattern and instructions for the bags i made here they are
First you need glass beads i used size 8 or 11
miniature knitting needles i used size 19
a beading needle
and crochet cotton i used anchor
the pattern is as follows but before you start please read to the bottom of this
first string all beads on
to your cotton using your needle you need 320 for the actual bag and the extras for the handles see bottom of page.
Cast on 10 stitches
knit 5 rows casting on 1 stitch at the start of rows 3 and 4
now start knittng with beads. You always push the mentioned number of beads against the last knitted stitch so that the beads are between the stitches.
Rows 6-9 K3, 1 bead, k2 1 bead, k2 1 bead, k2 1 bead k3
Rows 10-13 k3,2beads,k2,2 beads,k2, 2 beads,k2,2 beads,k3
Rows 14-17 k3,3 beads,k2 3beads,k2 3 beads, k2 3 beads,k3
Rows 18-21 k3 4 beads,k2 4 beads,k2 4 beads k2 4 beads k3
Rows 22-25 as rows 18-21 (4 beads)Rows 26-29 as rows 14-17(3 beads)
Rows 30-33 as rows 10-13(2 beads)
Rows 34-37 as rows 6-9(1 bead)
Row 38 k2 tog beginning of row knit to end
Row 39 k2 tog beginning of row knit to end
knit 3 rows
cast off sew up sides

Before you start knitting tie a loop in the cotton and count 16 beads on to the tail leave a length to sew these beads on to your bag this is your first handle you also dont have the bother of threading the needle again! Also it keeps the tail out of the way . Cast on two needle method not so tight for the first row of knitting remember to count beads for the other handle before you cut the cotton and pull through loop
Have fun

Friday, 5 November 2010


Hi all i hope your all well i got my giveaway package from Lainie today and i am absolutely thrilled with it i have to say a huge thank you to Lainie this was my first time to win a giveaway and of course my pictures dont do the goodies justice i love them all and know just where they will all go your very clever Lainie thanks again a big hug for you.

These are what i have been working on for the past few days i got the pattern from one of the ladies in my breakaway mini group and couldnt wait to get started making them i think they turned out ok but my photos are really not too good im happy with them though i think i'll make a few more

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Hi to all And welcome to my new followers thanks for being here i have had a weird old day but im not going to say any more about that anyway i wanted to tell you about my other nephews blog he's seven years old and has been working hard on his mini halloween scene please will you go see his blog i would be so grateful if you went and had a look its here i will blog properly tomorrow but im now off to bed im really tired its been a long couple of days see you all tomorrow

Friday, 29 October 2010


Ok this is my third attempt at blogging this although different each time lol.... if it doesnt work this time im just about ready to throw something lol....hufff !!
I know its not halloween yet and already im talking about christmas but i made these yesterday all the fimo was still out i hadnt put it away after ashley was using it so i thought i would try something im quite pleased with these although the picture doesnt actually show how good they look im happy with them although they will probably go walkies once my nephews turn up this weekend i have three and the oldest two being ashley and jack are well into minis at least i know who my beloved dollshouse collection will go to when i pop my cloggs hahaha well anyway i promised to make christmas and halloween room boxes with them ash already has his halloween one done so it will just be christmas for him so if i want one of these for my dollhouse i'll have to make more but hey its all practice.
Last night i went to my breakaway mini group im in two main ones but five of us meet up on a thursday also so i learned how to knit i think they got frustrated with me because it took so long for me to grasp it lol....thats the joy of a brain injury its not until i try and do the simple things i realise the extent of it not that im saying knitting is simple but i notice it in other things i have done all my life but now have difficulty with but i finaly got it haha... i came away with a pattern for a knitted beaded handbag so guess what im going to try next??
I Have a doctors appointment this morning im taking back up as its the only way i get listened to after everything i have been through the past two years its kind of insulting to need back up but hey thats the way it is i suppose i also have a hospital appointment on tuesday im not feeling too good again of late im having a great deal of problems sleeping with nightmares i could write a horror book about and my blaockouts are more and more again i had a real bad one the other day but minis help so knitted beaded bags it is. See you tomorrow if all is well thanks for listening to my moans and groans again you are still there arn't you!!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Just looking on the internet this morning have you seen this its so real looking its freeeeeeeaaaaky yuch.....


Hello again
I have three new followers to welcome thanks for following my blog
first up theres
Rose sorry no blog if you have one please send me the link

Then theres Doreen at

and also

I finaly got around to making up my newest rug pictured below i also made a christmas wallhanging im now working on a few other christmas items so i will post some pictures when they are done

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hiya to everyone i have been missing a while due to a lot of personal dramas but i hope to be back on track soon its been too long.

I have a lot of thanks for those who visited and followed my nephews blog it means a lot to me and he's very excited that he has followers thanks for that.

now i have to welcome my new followers i appreciate you all being here and have enjoyed looking through your blogs those that i could find anyway welcome to

Natalia who does the most fabulous needlepoint work you can visit her blog here.

Catherine who has an amazing blog and makes gorgeous little fur animals i will be buying some very soon you can visit her here.

Beth im sorry i cant find your blog if you have one please send me the link i would love to see it.

thanks ladies for following along


As for what i have been up to i am taking part in Caterinas international swap and have been busy making the swap items ready to mail im all set just need to know who my partner will be im really very excited as its my first time to do this so it should be a lot of fun i think today is the last day to sign up you can find it here thats if i got it right lol....sorry i cant post a picture of what i made until after the swaps complete.


Saturday, 16 October 2010


Hi Again i wanted to mention that my nephew now has a blog and i was hoping some of you would show your support by visiting or even following it his name is Ashley and he's twelve with learning difficulties his spelling isnt great but he's trying very at times lol....but what kid isnt please pay a visit he has been working on a mini graveyard and a halloween stall he loves the holiday and anything to do with it and has been driving me nuts about uploading his pictures so i have to get pictures of his graveyard next hahaha....
its here for anyone who would like to take a look

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hello its been a while i have been feeling pretty low lately but i had a lovely surprise when Lainie emailed me to say i had won second prize in her giveaway its the first giveaway i have won so thanks Lainie you made my day i cant wait to recieve the goodies i'll post pictures when they arrive.
I also have some new followers to welcome they are
Dougssunrise sorry no blog
Then theres

Julie from

Then theres

and whoohoo i finaly figured out how to add links hahaha its about time too....

My nephew has been working on a halloween project he is twelve and has learning difficulties but he loves halloween and has been busy with his stall so i thought i would show you a picture he really loved working on it and even stitched the spider web and witch wall hangings there are a few things he has to add.

And the little rug is a pattern i made up and stitched im now working on a baby deer rug they look really cute in a childs bedroom scene i will add patterns soon

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Today we went for a stroll around the mountains where we live i was quite pleased with myself as i managed to walk a fair bit unaided we saw quite a few jays and what we thought was a honey buzzard pictured below. when we got back i have to say i was really exhausted but i went for a walk whoo hoo im chuffed about that.

These are some pictures i stitched for my springwood i was thinking about adding frames but decided against it they are now hanging in the stairwells of the house they look pretty good too

Heres a little rug i stitched for megs hovel i used a few shades of green and used three strands of thread and sometimes two strands of thread to give a worn effect it looks good in the hovel nice and worn and a little grubby too i didnt want it to look too new its just right but i do prefer stitching cleaner looking rugs i think i'll leave grubby finishes to paul lol...


Hello and welcome all new followers i have been so rude lately and slow in saying welcome thanks for joining my blog im so sorry if i havent listed your blog here
welcome to
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Im sorry if i missed anyone for some reason new followers are getting jumbled up amongst the not so new followers you know you are all more than welcome here and all much appreciated thanks for all your lovely comments i love comments especially good ones hahaha

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hello and welcome to all new followers thank you so much for following my blog i appreciate you being here.
We brought Charlie home yesterday he was a little quiet after having six teeth out two of which were root extractions and i asked them to clean his ears they were very dirty but he wouldnt let us clean them so the vet did it whilst he was out so
he earned quiet i think but today he is a bit more like himself so in a day or so he should be back to normal im glad to have him back and i think he's happier i hope he's happier and pain free.
Today i found some skeletons i have been looking for these for ages so im glad i finaly found some they were attached to a piece of twine but came untied easy enough now i thought i could dress some of these up and put some of my hats i made on them think that might be a fun look

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Hi im still waiting to go pick up charle we can get him at 3.30pm so thought i would blog to show you my latest purchase before we collect him. I got this this morning so im thinking of things i want to do with it, I thought i could pinch some of pauls ideas for finishing it i like the cotswold stone effect in buff colour tones i want to try the etching on it and i plan on having one wall without a window so it makes interior planning easier i thought i would make it a mystical shop selling witchy things and herbs maybe all things associated with spells and nature etc....

Monday, 27 September 2010


Hi today has been a stressfull day we took Charlie to the vets this morning for his dental op but when we rang at 4.00pm to see how things went they hadnt operated on him and wont until tomorrow their excuse was there wasnt enough vets on today but they made the booking in the first place so how can they even come up with a stupid excuse like that. I worried all day hoping things went allright and now i have to go through it all again tomorrow im so angry with them..... dont get me wrong im glad Charlie is ok but he's been there all day without food for no good reason but at least tomorrow he will be pain free when they take his teeth out.

Ok so rant over i stitched a christmas mat and some cushions today and a wall hanging from a few days ago when im worried i stitch. Enjoy the pictures see you tomorrow with better news hopefully