Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Hi and welcome i have a couple of new followers i appreciate you being here and im glad you are following my blog.

I got a lovely surprise today when i recieved a package from Sonya oh wow such gorgeous goodies your work is fab Sonya thanks so so much i love everything the pictures really dont do these wonderful minis any justice but i am so delighted and just wanted to show you all and what a kind gesture from a lovely lady thanks again Sonya xx

Last night i went to one of my mini groups we had a man there showing us how to make primroses using porcelain paste not the easiest of stuff to work with in my opinion but then im no good with clay either and
i think he felt sorry for me as he gave me a Pot of flowers that he had made haha take note my pot is the little one in the picture the one that looks like its been over watered or not watered enough lol....that stuff is really not my fortet....although i did buy some cutters from him to try them in private without anyone making fun i was so embarassed everyone came away with a wonderful arrangement of primroses then there was mine haha.... i promise i will try harder and hope to have something that looks as it should in future.

I Almost have all my swap items ready to send my partner nina for the international christmas swap i will post pictures after the swap is complete i hope she will like what i have made im very nervous her work is so lovely. Im still knitting my little bags and have started a new carpet also,i hope to finish it soon although im not tackling it with my normal speed im relaxing whilst stitching in between my bags i have finished knitting a white bag for caterina i just need to make it up now and then i will make another for carolyn
whilst im waiting on my black crochet cotton i have to make two black ones too although i may make more as they are very addictive so i could be burried in them soon....
if this happens maybe i'll have to have another giveaway so watch this space ehh....


  1. Your primroses don't look bad at all, Rachel! Hats off for having a go with cold porcelain paste. I was going to try out a 'recipe' I found online to make my own paste but it takes me all my time to dig out the Fimo!!!!

  2. Your primroses look just as good as the other guys if you ask me! It is always hard to try new things... and you never get good if you don't try! Keep up the great work!

  3. Oh wow your comments are so kind thank you i will keep practicing though

  4. Hi Rachel,
    I'm happy that you like my minis!
    Your primrose are fantastic!

  5. Thanks Sonya i appreciate your nice comment and i loved your minis they are all in place in my mimosa house kitchen thanks again for such a lovely gift