Saturday, 31 July 2010


Hello again we have both been really busy today this morning was a trip into town and we went raiding all the charity shops and a few others of course and i have to say i came up trumps i managed to find three cross stitch books a cannon (ornamental but great for minis of course) Paul says his next build will be a castle heehee doesnt think small this one lol... so a cannon will be great, Then i found five resin victorian dressed but headless manequins which will be ideal for my dress shop. Then we bought some flickering tee lights and put them in pauls house and street lamp and i gotta say the effect is awesome i love it.
So that was our escapade then when we got back i pulled out a ton of my dollshouse mags and went through looking for little projects the first one was for a garden apron which wasnt really great but for my first attempt didnt really turn out too bad but hopefully the next one will be better. Then i made a corset and enjoyed it so much i made two more they look passable i think but not as good as the rest of you wonderfull talented people but i had fun.
Then i had the loveliest suprise i got a package from Ira thanks so much Ira i didnt expect it and im absolutely thrilled i love everything you sent me and everything has a place in my garden or conservetory i took lots of pictures but im having a problem uploading them tonight so i promise to show everything tomorrow thanks so much for a fab surprise i will have a lot more goodies to show off in my scenes.
Im so tired and i have given up trying to load the pictures im now off to bed but i will share all pictures tomorrow.
Thanks Again Ira you know i love ya
Oh and paul says hi and thanks to you all for the amazing comments

Friday, 30 July 2010


Hello im back with some more pictures of swell heads house hee hee lol....he's going on about how wonderful he is with all your fab comments i dont think he'll ever get deflated hahaha its looking really great though i have to say and its fast becoming my most favourite house thanks Paulie you know i love ya.....
see you tomorrow with more pictures hopefully closer to completion inside too.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hello again
I have made a couple more rugs and paul is making amazing progress on his house i will add some more pictures soon i think it looks really great but of course i dont want him to get a fat head lol.....
My little cat Sammie had to go to the vets to have teeth removed i suppose thats the down part of rescueing animals if theres something wrong with one it soon passes on to the others we now have four out of the six cats that have had to have teeth removed but his were too bad and so he is only left with one he could now play hoopla with his biscuits heehee i know its not funny and i really feel for him but he's doing wonderful and he'll be back to eating biscuits in no time but he also loves the soft food and of course has been spoiled with chicken and other nicies he's comming along nicely the rest of them are being very good with him so he'll be fine.
I went to my doctors appointment yesterday and i truly dont think he gets my point they still want me to go to the same hospital and consultant for future treatment as i went last time well they know what they can do i have a problem with my syrinx now apparently it never rains but pours but anyway its not happening hospitals and me just dont mix anymore but anyway enough about all that i will be back shortly with pictures of pauls amazing build and since Ira and Tallulabelle gave nice comments he thinks he's the cats whiskers thanks ladies he might just build me a couple more whooohoo

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hi There i thought i'd pop by and say hello again im still making little things for my display and of course a few more carpets and it looks as if maybe pauls house might be ready by then too so fingers crossed we can take that too its not until the 7th and 8th of august so theres still a few days to go he has added the most fab looking gargoyles to the front now too i'll have to get more pictures to show you and work should be done on the interior soon too im really pleased with it now i need to plan the witchy creepy goings on inside.
I had a bad night last night in the fact i was up for almost all of it im just not sleeping it might have had something to do with the fact i have a doctors appointment
again this afternoon i havent been feeling too good the past few days i had to visit my surgery for tests on monday they are checking my hormone levels and everything else too and i know only too well how screwy my hormones are...i drive everyone nuts with my up and down moods but even from my point of view im a pain in the ass its driving me mad now feeling like it all the time but hey enough about that.
Now i have another new follower thanks margaret for following my humble blog i appreciate you all being here and have enjoyed visiting your blog too
and you can find margarets blog here so please go take a look


Monday, 26 July 2010


Hello im back again with the pictures i said i would show you now please dont laugh im not actually selling my things but im building up the courage to show them and im really nervous i have never done anything like this before and i really havent got a clue what to expect so here are some pictures
some of the things you have probably seen before on my blog but i have been busy stitching a few more rugs and making some screens and making scenes on tiles i also finished off my tea shop but im really not happy about the dolls inside i think i'll probably remove them i just need some chain to link up the posts outside the shop and i might add a few more flowers to the roof.

Here is my conservetory and garden i did this a few months ago but out of sheer panic im taking it along as i dont have time to build anything else right now

Here are some of my carpets and rugs im taking along to display

One of my filled hutches i did a while ago my other one is inside the teashop

Bathroom scene on a 6x6 inch tile

My cosy corner scene on a 6x6 inch tile

Outside the Teashop i like these dolls better

Outside the conservetory

Outside the Teashop im trying out my setup but this table is smaller than the one i will have

There is also a pillar seat(i think thats what its called) with three seats in one i made this and im really pleased with it whoohoo lol... There are also a couple of screens i made and some mats made from string. These are my ropey looking offerings i have to display at least i know the others there will have plenty to marvel at so my table wont be lingered over too long so no worries there lol....

Inside my Teashop i dont like the dolls they will be taken out

This is a House paul has made im trying to get him to finish it in time to take along too