Monday, 26 July 2010


Hello im back again with the pictures i said i would show you now please dont laugh im not actually selling my things but im building up the courage to show them and im really nervous i have never done anything like this before and i really havent got a clue what to expect so here are some pictures
some of the things you have probably seen before on my blog but i have been busy stitching a few more rugs and making some screens and making scenes on tiles i also finished off my tea shop but im really not happy about the dolls inside i think i'll probably remove them i just need some chain to link up the posts outside the shop and i might add a few more flowers to the roof.

Here is my conservetory and garden i did this a few months ago but out of sheer panic im taking it along as i dont have time to build anything else right now

Here are some of my carpets and rugs im taking along to display

One of my filled hutches i did a while ago my other one is inside the teashop

Bathroom scene on a 6x6 inch tile

My cosy corner scene on a 6x6 inch tile

Outside the Teashop i like these dolls better

Outside the conservetory

Outside the Teashop im trying out my setup but this table is smaller than the one i will have

There is also a pillar seat(i think thats what its called) with three seats in one i made this and im really pleased with it whoohoo lol... There are also a couple of screens i made and some mats made from string. These are my ropey looking offerings i have to display at least i know the others there will have plenty to marvel at so my table wont be lingered over too long so no worries there lol....

Inside my Teashop i dont like the dolls they will be taken out

This is a House paul has made im trying to get him to finish it in time to take along too


  1. They look all great! You've done so much work with your houses and those little scenes. And I love how the new house looks like, it's fabulous!

  2. You've certainly been busy, Rachel! Fabulous work and good to see you back x

  3. Hi Rachel, Just found your lovely blog, you have lots of nice things, love the tea shop!

  4. Wonderful display Rachel! I bet your carpets get a lot of attention. Thanks for showing us through everything. I specially love the conservatory, those vertical blinds are awesome.

  5. Hi Rachel.
    They all look great, I'm sure people will linger over your table. I love your cosy corner and your new house looks great. I will try my hardest to get down on saturday morning, I have to go into work by 1pm, but if we can get an early start we may be able to get you, fingers crossed. It would be lovely to meet up, we must live within driving distance of each other.
    Julia xx

  6. Rachel, I like everything you have done!!! And have been working a lot with great results. The carpets are so lovely!!!
    Warm regards,

  7. You have been busy :-)

    I love it all but my favorite is the conservatory.

    Paul did really well on that house is awesome. I'd love to see more pics when it is finished. Lucky you having a house builder there :-)

  8. I like all, carpets are so beautiful,but what I liked most of all has been the house, it's great, congratulations!

  9. Thanks everyone for such great comments i really hope the show goes well its so exciting whoohoo