Friday, 30 April 2010


Hello again
I had a chance to do some minis so i finaly made up my tables and dressed them here are some pictures of my tea shop its nowhere near done but i had to see how things might look i need to make flooring make seat cushions add a fake door to the back wall add a till and some people but so far i think it looks ok i put my cakes in the display cases and there are some fod items i got in swaps
I used peel off lettering for the windows i think they look quite good they were just going waste so might as well use them up ehh lol...


Hello again i want to welcome Meli Thanks so much for following my blog i love reading yours your minis are beautiful.
Here is the addy for meli's blog its well worth having a look

Could someone tell me how to do links properly i just cant work it out lol... i feel like such a duhh lol...

I finaly finished some carpets ready to send out to some mini friends I cant post pictures just yet but i will as soon as possible.
I have a busy day tomorrow we have to go to a funeral a family friend and neighbour passed away last week so probably no minis tomorrow but today i managed to dig out the fabric for my table cloths and its in the pleater at the moment i hope it comes out ok. I finished painting my tables and chairs and made a few extra tables using some chess pieces and card and my embossing boards that i bought for card making there are some really useful shapes on the boards.
So now im waiting for the fabric to dry in the pleater then i can see how it will work on my tables i still have to cut some circles out for the table tops so if possible i'll try and do that tomorrow i'll post pictures when i can thats if all goes well lol..... The embossing boards and many other useful craft items and gadgets can be found here they sell a few things we could use in miniatures their site is worth a look.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I have had a strange couple of days not really in the mood to do anything much but i stitched about half way through the second rug for my mini friend Ira i'll soon be ready to send them off after the previous one went awol lol.. its a total mystery with the post i have only ever lost about three packages in the mail and its ever so frustrating when it happens but the other package is almost ready to send so hopefully it will get to its destination this time i will post pictures when they get there but for now the picture below is of some rugs i stitched last year for some mini mates i used different colour variations i really enjoyed stitching them and they came out really well this is a pattern i will stitch again for my next carpet

This picture shows a little picture i stitched but i was just experimenting so i didnt stain/paint the frame first and it was too late after but thats me lol....still i think it looks ok (haha)

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello again
Its been a horrible rainy foggy day here today so no sitting in the garden today, so instead i have been busy finishing off a carpet for Ira and tomorrow i will start on the other im hoping they will work well for you Ira
I also finished painting some tables and chairs i got from a friend for my tea shop i have had them for so long and decided it was time to do something with them i will add a picture when im satisfied that they are ready for my shop i need to cut and pleat some fabric ready for the table clothes im new to doing this so im not sure how they will turn out if they turn out ok you will all get to see them lol...
I also used up all my old clay to make shapes for cakes i baked them and used some snowtex on some and i'll decorate them for my tea shop im going to use some other kinds of topping for the others there will be no shortage of cakes and not a calorie in site my type of shop lol...i hope the weather will be better tomorrow im not a hot weather person but i dont like cold and wet either paul says im like goldie locks i like it just right lol.....
Here is a picture of me with one of my Rabbits his name was Jett sadly he is no longer with us and is missed very much

Saturday, 24 April 2010


I saw this this afternoon and had to get a picture to share with you his name is Charlie we rescued him last year he was a stray just left to fend for himself because his previous owners got a dog and didnt want him anymore they didnt even bother looking for another owner just threw him out my grandmother started seeing him hanging around her house and so we started to feed him but he was ever so ill and starving he looked terrible poor boy but we took him in and cared for him and with a lot of TLC and lots of food and goodies he's doing well as you can see he's a comfort model lol...he gets on fine with the rest of our fur babies and loves lots of attention im just so angry at his previous ignorant owners for letting him suffer like they did but as you can see i dont think he misses them lol...


Err Well not exactly
thanks Ira and carmen for your comments and it wont be too long Ira i hope you will approve of what im making lol...
I spent most of this morning and afternoon out in the garden finishing off my swap for a mini friend who doesnt have a blog so no link for you all but she does amazing work with fimo i hope she will like what im sending out fingers crossed, here is the picture do you think she will be happy with these?
Im off now to carry on with my parcel for Ira see ya!

Friday, 23 April 2010


I would like to say welcome and hi to jody who is a new follower of my blog thanks so much for following along i have already checked your blog out and think its great i hope you will enjoy being here im not sure how to link properly but for anyone wanting to check out jody's blog its here and worth taking a look.

Today i have had a day of finishing off loose ends i have started some carpets for Ira which i cant show you yet until they are completed sent and recieved but what i can show you is another carpet which im just getting caught up on its for another friend i hope she is going to like it i was asked to do bright green and purple colours im not sure i would of chose those colours but they will suit my friends room it will be a couple of days before this is complete then i can send it out
I like to have a few things on the go that way things dont seem so monotinous.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ok so i have been somewhat lazy and preoccupied lately it was lazy of me to take the easy way out and nominate my happy 101 award for everyone who wants it so now im ready to chose 10 blogs properly i enjoy all blogs im following or reading but im only allowed to award 10 so here goes
im giving this award to


Im having problems sleeping yet again eucchhhh Im so tired but i just cant seem to stay asleep for longer than two hours through the night i know i should be writing about miniatures dollshouses and fun stuff but im just panicked about a lot of stuff right now and the metal is still weighing heavy on my mind (no punn intended) I Visited my doctor yet again and he said the artifact as their calling it (am i prehistoric or ancient lol..) is lodged and unlikely to move and they want me to have another MRI to make sure everything is ok in my head i have had so many mri scans and never liked the claustrophobic environment but i have never been scared but i have to say im really frightened now the whole magnet and metal and brain thing is really scaring me. Although i have been told its unlikely to move im not fancying the chances i need a definate from these people.....

Im sorry for all my poor followers your probably tired of reading about my worries and not hearing an awful lot about miniatures i'll try and do better really i will.
Above is a picture of one of the attic bedrooms in my springwood cottage the carpet is one i stitched a while ago i have made this one about twenty times over only in different colours its one i have enjoyed making very much

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Hello again
I have had a non mini day today as such i had a doctors appointment this morning so that took up more time than i would of liked but since i got home i decided its time to look through and catch up on some of the bloggs im following, i follow so many so i only got part way through but im caught up on about 24 i worked up from the bottom as i realise some blogs have not been updated recently but hey im well impressed by the work i have seen so far. I plan to work through more tomorrow and so on until im caught up on all. I have enjoyed my time spent looking theres so many talented people out there in mini blog land.
Now for something cute and funny My youngest nephew started proper school today
but yesterday my sister visited with him he is just three years old anyway i put the cakes i made the other day in a display case ready for my tea/cake shop
he stood in front of the cake stand holding out his hands ready to take some and licking his lips it was so funny and i had to explain to him they were not real and not eadible he gave a huge sigh and was so dissapointed lol....but at least it proved to me that my cakes looked ok and eadible lol... it makes me want to do more now.

Monday, 19 April 2010


Ok so i thought about it and 10 blogs out of all the wonderful blogs out there is not enough so i have decided to pass this award onto whoever wants it its here for you all so enjoy your all such wonderful mini friends
hugs Rachel

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hello again
I have been lucky enough to recieve my third award i cant believe it im so grateful to think people are interested in my blog let alone want to give me awards whooo thanks ever so much monika im not sure if i got your name right if not im sorry please forgive me i love your blog and your radios are wonderful im sorry i didnt win one (FROWN)
this lady has a wonderful blog at the link below please go check it out if you havent already

I now have to pass the award on to 10 people and this isnt going to be easy there's so many wonderful blogs out there so im going to have to think about this i'll post the 10 blogs im going to pass the award onto tomorrow.
I have often wondered How do you give awards to someone what do you have to do in order to award someone without having to pass it on can anyone tell me please im sorry to sound so dim but what do you have to do?

Now i want to say a warm welcome to jean day who has joined my blog jean is a very talented lady who's work i have often admired and now i cant believe she has joined my blog Im very pleased to have you here Jean thanks for following my blog.
you can find Jean's site here please go check it out if you havent already

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Hello there
Today i have had a baking day i tried making some cakes i think they turned out ok not too intricate but im working on it i just need more practice but i really enjoyed it, i painted the garden fence this morning and im now worn out painting and baking cakes all in one day paul says its a pitty the cakes are not real lol.....

Friday, 16 April 2010


Heres my ropey looking fruit bowls and spaghetti meatballs dont laugh too much now im just about ready to give up has anyone got any tips please.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Hello again
I would love to say i had a successful clay day today but im not so sure, i mean i tried yet again to come up with some acceptable minis but i really dont think its happening i made two bowls of fruit oranges apples and bannanas which were a lot less than good a bowl of what was meant to be spaghetti and meatballs which got an hysterrical laugh from paul then myself on realising it did look very weird im just not good with this stuff, how do you get good at making things from clay they say its experience but honestly i have wasted so much clay on trying im just thinking i should give up. im not throwing my efforts away because i tried very hard i'll just hide them and on a down day have a good i might post a picture tomorrow just for you to have a chuckle i dont know yet if i could stand the embarassment.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Hello i got a lovely package in the post this morning from Ira she very kindly sent some mini items for more or less every project im working on right now i was so excited but dissapointed to learn my package has still not got to its destination yet im really sorry Ira im going to send another just in case but thanks so much for the wonderful goodies

Some lovely fabrics plants leaves cakes a picture a pitcher with flowers in i love this

Some christmas items for my aster home to mr and mrs claus
Some mini soaps now my residents can really get clean lol...

Some lovely cakes for my Tea shop

Im going to use the leaves and vines in my garden room and garden

So many goodies i really didnt expect to recieve but thanks so much Ira i will get right on it and make some items to send you and hope you will recieve them this time

delicious Ginger bread men i love ginger bread now if only i can find a shrinking potion lol....

Cute little windmills for my garden

A picture i'll use in my garden room

A closer view of the lovely gingerbread men

The gorgeous pitcher of flowers im going to have such fun putting these all in place thanks somuch again Ira your a gem.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Hello i want to welcome some new followers thanks for following my blog now i cant work out how to post actual links to other blogs if anyone could help me with this i would be very grateful but i have added what i would call a link after each person i know its not the correct way but i just cant work it out... thats just me lol...
i cant find any blogs for margarita and monique if you have blogs please could you send me the links so i can add them im sorry im a bit of a thicky when it comes to techno stuff the fact i even know how to log on just amazes me lol...
Anyway please go check out these blogs if you havent already they are great.




margarita vives


Friday, 9 April 2010


OK so i ranted a little too much in my last post but i went away and made something and it sort of calmed me down its not completely finished yet i have to decide what trim to use on the hood any ideas??


I would like to welcome some new followers thanks so much for following my blog i wasnt sure anyone wanted to read about me and my rantings and occasional mini and fur babies too im so glad you came along i have listed the links for your blogs below please let me know if they are wrong



i cant find a blog if you have one please let me know

Baking in miniature
there is a wonderful blog i have lost the link im off to find it again

Its been a lovely spring like day today but i had a hospital appointment this morning so we spent about an hour waiting and five minutes in with the doctor what a waste of time it was im begining to think i would like to train as a doctor i mean they get paid so much for doing so little and might even get away with murder too, im lucky to still be alive after my brush with the hospital so i think im perfectly within my right to say such a thing, im sorry if i offend any of you but im at the end of my teather with hospitals and doctors but anyway when i got home i went out to my craft shed to do some sorting yet again and also de-stress after my ordeal lol...
I have a lot of stuff and cant sort it out all at once as i tire easily i cant reach things either and im not able to stand on a step stool i once used.
I found some fimo i bought ages ago i hardly used and a few other things i can use i managed to take some pictures of the inside of my little space part sort of tidy and part not so tidy lol.. im sure you know how it is i mean how tidy is your craft space at least mine is at the bottom of the garden so it doesnt make the house so messy lol...

This is my work table and old style tv and video they still work so i see no point in throwing them away. when it stops working maybe i'll make a room inside it ....only kidding i have enough houses and kits to work on without keeping something else to use also my little oven is here ready to cook fimo if i ever decide to make something with it again lol...

Here is the once handy but now not so easy to reach over head storage.

My stackable storage i really need to go through this as im not quite sure what i have altogether

My not so tidy book shelves i have lots of books and magazines here all to do with miniatures im a mini book worm lol...

This is my not so tidy part theres a mixture of houses books magazines my wheelchair is also parked here.

More stackable storage this one is a bit neater than the other but i have a job reaching it

Just thought you might like to see my space im hoping for better weather so i can spend some time out there now its been a horrible winter and i think i managed to get out there all of about three times and not for too long either ok im going to stop dwelling on stuff now its just making me feel misserable im off to see what i can make.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Made an ottoman box

Hello Again
i made an ottoman today from the left over kit pieces im really pleased with how it turned out and cant wait to see how it looks at the bottom of the bed in the willow.

I just saw this and thought you might like to see it its funny lol...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I have been given an award by merry jingle crafts thanks so much Ira

I now have to pass this award on to five blogs so the blogs im giving it to are as follows

They are great and well worth checking out if you havent already
Thought you might like to see my updated willow in daylight im hoping the pictures will be better with the natural light
First up is the kitchen now i have tried my best to take good pics but really i dont think its happening i hope you can at least see some of my collection of Reutter porcelaine displayed on the kitchen dresser and the table has goodies recieved in swaps and a sad looking pie and teapot made by me...

Then theres the lounge with the carpet and firescreen i made

The bedroom also has swaps from mini friends and a carpet made by me and my candlesticks and other knick knacks i made

The upstairs hallway

The bathroom and laundry room also showing my laundry basket

Then theres the attic rooms where the childrens bedrooms are there is actually an attic hatch in the floor so its not too much like flowers in the attic lol...

I got a great find yesterday from a supermarket its a 2metre roll of grass mat i think its great it only cost £5.99 and will do quite a bit i used some on the roof of my tea shop but i think it might also make great carpet too...