Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hello again
I have been lucky enough to recieve my third award i cant believe it im so grateful to think people are interested in my blog let alone want to give me awards whooo thanks ever so much monika im not sure if i got your name right if not im sorry please forgive me i love your blog and your radios are wonderful im sorry i didnt win one (FROWN)
this lady has a wonderful blog at the link below please go check it out if you havent already

I now have to pass the award on to 10 people and this isnt going to be easy there's so many wonderful blogs out there so im going to have to think about this i'll post the 10 blogs im going to pass the award onto tomorrow.
I have often wondered How do you give awards to someone what do you have to do in order to award someone without having to pass it on can anyone tell me please im sorry to sound so dim but what do you have to do?

Now i want to say a warm welcome to jean day who has joined my blog jean is a very talented lady who's work i have often admired and now i cant believe she has joined my blog Im very pleased to have you here Jean thanks for following my blog.
you can find Jean's site here please go check it out if you havent already

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