Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Ok you asked for it Susanne so here it is its not really a tutorial as i dont class myself talented enough to give one but this is how i made my flower trellis

First off i used the heart shape punch for leaves and a flower shaped punch. punch out enough shapes to give you fifteen flowers i used four pieces per flower and punch out enough leaves to cover the trellis

Then i used three coffee stirrers to make the trellis idealy you shoul paint or stain the sticks first group them together with a narrow gap between each then glue a small piece of stick across to join them.

Then take some green wire or green thread and wind it around the trellis as desired and glue

Then take four flower shapes and glue two one over the other and then shape the other two using a ball tool cup one more than the other and add the third shape on top of the first and second then glue the fourth smallest cup on top.after making fifteen of the flowers this way put a dot of green paint in the centres of each now you can paint your hearts green for leaves.

Paint you hearts and lightly rub them with the ball tool then glue them to your trellis

Add the flowers and your done

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Hello again
Today wasnt great i went to physio and i have to say its really not something i like to do i hate hospitals then theres all the questions like an interrogation of sorts but i got through it, theres just thursday to go now so bring it on and lets get it out of the way then maybe i can get some sleep.

I did make something today out of guilt i gathered all of my punches together to count them and organise them and i have a grand total of 67 i didnt realise i had bought so many lol....
this is what i made using just two of them and some coffee stirrers its not as good as some of the work i see on many of your bloggs but its ok for where i need it dont laugh ok...


You know i didnt get blogger to work for me earlier i had a lot of photos to add but it just wasnt having any of it so being im unable to sleep..yet again..i thought i'd try it again and yeaay it worked i found some great bits n pieces in my shed, its been so long since i set eyes on a lot of my things but i just didnt have the energy to get in there and move everything around what with the cold weather and my namby leg but today was the day i think things must be looking up although i have a crappy week comming up tomorrow i have physio but its not like their doing anything when i see them, then thursday its thee day... i get to see my consultant about these metal shards,fragments whatever they are hopefully i'll have some answers.. no wonder im not sleeping my brain knows when somethings bothering me even when i dont lol...ahhhh sarcasm is my thing this week just so long it gets me through is all.
So anyway heres my finds for today err i mean yesterday..

I found my nifty little tool for making bows i actually bought this for card making and its great you can find these here under accessories they also have some other cool gadgets and bits n pieces

And i found this lovely dovecote tought it would be perfect for my garden

Here are some lovely gifts and swaps i recieved also going into my garden i think its going to fill up quite quickly lol..

And then theres the punches...yes theres lots of them mostly for cardmaking but some are going to be great for minis

Oh well i think i should try and get some rest and maybe i can find some other forgotten treasures again tomorrow after physio............!!

Monday, 29 March 2010


Yeayy i have had a good day today first off i managed to list blogs im following on my blog i told you im technically challenged but i managed to work it out this morning although there are some i have left out but i'll get on it.
I also managed to find all my paper punches i knew i had them but just couldnt find finally got out to my craft shed today and searched around and came across them im so relieved because i wracked my brain and couldnt remember what i did with them and its kind of a bad thing with all thats gone on but hey i have them now whoopeeee.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Well this is so exciting i have another follower welcome marivigano you can find her blog here

Saturday, 27 March 2010


I have left the gardenroom for a few days deciding what to do next and today i got on with a bit more of it i thought it needed a garden to live in duhh.. so i started to create one i used foam core board for the walls and added a grass sheet then made a patio using my trusty little punch now i know many of you would have tried something more adventurous but i decided to keep it simple i added my topiary trees here to see how they look i might make some more only in a different shape for the job i painted some coffee stirring sticks im going to make a fence for the rest of the garden now as to where this little project will go well i have an Arthur and an Aster both without gardens at the moment so chances are it will end up as part of one of those.
here are some pictures so far as its taking shape

Friday, 26 March 2010


I Need to welcome another new follower welcome Ira im glad to have you here thanks for following my blog you can find Ira's blog here
Today i got a little surprise i think its really cute and i got an even bigger surprise on opening the box lol....

I love cream eggs more than i should im just glad their limited edition and not sold beyond easter time lol..

I did actually make something too it was my first attempt at making a sewing box i think the inspiration came from the gift i recieved hope you like it.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


I made this today its not wonderful but its my first attempt it can only get better right?
I didnt want to use good fabric on my first go but my other half says he doesnt like the fabric and it makes it look wrong somehow ok so i'll use a nicer fabric next time he's still holding out on his blog though i think he's scared of having mini addicts on to him lol...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hello again
I have another follower i would like to welcome thanks for following my blog norma im glad your here
You can find normas blog here its a great blog and very inspirational


Today is such a drab wet horrible day so i thought it was an ideal time to make something i thought it over through the night i was having trouble sleeping so my mind went to minis and what i could make with the things i got yesterday i decided to try the topiary trees i know theres tons of tutorials all over the internet and more than just a few for topiary trees but to be honest i couldnt be bothered to sift through this morning so i made them my own way. I didnt have any caps the size i needed for pots so i made my own using my wonderful multi purpose square punch really theres so much i will use this for im glad i bought it i just use some white card punched out 15 pieces for each pot and layered three pieces of card for each side and glued them together then assembled the cubes which im using for pots, i then painted them with some metalic childs paint in copper inside and out filled them with unbaked scraps of fimo and then applied glue to the top of the fimo and poured dried tea leaves on for earth. I then went on to make my trees i used a pick up stick and painted it brown/green trunk colour and glued it into the hole in my polystyrene ball then painted the ball green
when dry i cut the stick the length i needed applied glue to the poly ball and tipped green flowersoft over it when dried i glued the trees in to my pots

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Hello today i had some fun went on my first ever trip to Ikea i have to say it was nothing like i expected and i even managed to find some things to buy i ended up getting four tables i couldnt believe how inexpensive they were i thought they would be ideal for putting dollshouses on hey you didnt think i went there for furniture for my real house did you noooooo im always thinking of miniatures lol....
I also went to hobbycraft the walking is a big problem for me but at least i managed to see more this time i bought some craft items i wanted to get a craft tote trolly thingy but didnt see any maybe i just didnt get to that part but anyway i did get a trolly there are pics below of my finds

I found some nifty little punches they are the very small type so im happy with that

Also got some woodsies and polystyrene balls i want to try making some topiary trees i needed a new ball stylus i found some small tiles i think i'll use in my bathroom and i also got some little mirrors i really like this shop

I got some plant pots i wnat to try making some plants we did a punchies swap in our group where we swapped punched flowers and leaves to make plants i havent made any yet though

I bought a fridge for my willow

Trolly i bought nowhere near big enough to hold all i want it to but im not sure i'd ever find anything big enough for all my stuff lol....

Monday, 22 March 2010


Phhhewwwww i think im about done sorting out now and let me just say im worn out i cant believe i have so much mini stuff i would post pictures but im ashamed at how my things have been kept although im pleased to say everything is sorted now honest...
I have felt so guilty that i havent been able to do anything with my garden room the past few days so after all the mundane chores of housework and sorting out my minis although i have to say the last wasnt too bad i got to say all the oohs and aahhs at finding everything again it was a bit like when i discovered the hobby for grown ups for the first time it was good to see some long forgotten minis but then i decided to get back to my garden room i really didnt want it turning into one of those U F O'S (unfinished objects) i dont want to say it too loud because the oher half already jokes about how many U F O'S i have already and speaking of my other half boy have i been on a gulit trip the past couple of days he read my blog and was a bit upset that i took credit for the vertical blinds he helped me make the other day although im sure i did mention he had helped me but incase he's reading this..... THANKS PAUL..... there that should do it i think the whole of blogland heared me. He says he's going to start a blog himself about being a long suffering partner of a miniaturist (haha) can you imagine the followers he'd get especially since there are so many of us lol..... Well here are my pictures of my garden room the quality again isnt too good but i think you can see at least some things.

This one has one of my stitched rugs in i think it looks ok here it can stay

Heres milly making sure everything is ready for her guests

Heres a view from above i tried to get everyting in view but i missed quite a bit

Here you can just about see the lovely plants and plates i got the plants from Deb and bought the plates from a show we went to a few weeks ago i think they look good along the top of the pelmet.

The table has plates full of lovely biscuits and cakes made by my friend Deb and a gorgeous Reutter Tea service

I changed the table chairs and bench i think these look better im not sure if i should make seat cushions or not im thinking on it i stitched the scatter cushions