Monday, 22 March 2010


Phhhewwwww i think im about done sorting out now and let me just say im worn out i cant believe i have so much mini stuff i would post pictures but im ashamed at how my things have been kept although im pleased to say everything is sorted now honest...
I have felt so guilty that i havent been able to do anything with my garden room the past few days so after all the mundane chores of housework and sorting out my minis although i have to say the last wasnt too bad i got to say all the oohs and aahhs at finding everything again it was a bit like when i discovered the hobby for grown ups for the first time it was good to see some long forgotten minis but then i decided to get back to my garden room i really didnt want it turning into one of those U F O'S (unfinished objects) i dont want to say it too loud because the oher half already jokes about how many U F O'S i have already and speaking of my other half boy have i been on a gulit trip the past couple of days he read my blog and was a bit upset that i took credit for the vertical blinds he helped me make the other day although im sure i did mention he had helped me but incase he's reading this..... THANKS PAUL..... there that should do it i think the whole of blogland heared me. He says he's going to start a blog himself about being a long suffering partner of a miniaturist (haha) can you imagine the followers he'd get especially since there are so many of us lol..... Well here are my pictures of my garden room the quality again isnt too good but i think you can see at least some things.

This one has one of my stitched rugs in i think it looks ok here it can stay

Heres milly making sure everything is ready for her guests

Heres a view from above i tried to get everyting in view but i missed quite a bit

Here you can just about see the lovely plants and plates i got the plants from Deb and bought the plates from a show we went to a few weeks ago i think they look good along the top of the pelmet.

The table has plates full of lovely biscuits and cakes made by my friend Deb and a gorgeous Reutter Tea service

I changed the table chairs and bench i think these look better im not sure if i should make seat cushions or not im thinking on it i stitched the scatter cushions

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