Sunday, 28 February 2010

i am such a bad girl going M I A for so long i get these bad days and have had rather a lot of them lately just dont know how to cope with it some days, i did however make some minis first up we have a carpet that i started after getting out of hospital but i was tempted to throw it away during my dark time im glad however i didnt and i managed to get it completed i will probably use it in a swap.

Next we have some little pictures i stitched i bought a lovely little book on embroidery the other day and it has some really lovely patterns in it i can see its going to be a favourite of mine.

Oh and now we have my second attempt at cookies i know still laughable but im trying
really i am

Thursday, 18 February 2010


its been way too long since i have written in here or showed you any pictures and I have even completed my large carpet for my willow living room and also tried my hand at fimo today, i have to say im really not good at it but i did enjoy lol...and its good for strengthening my arm too so although my cookies didnt turn out as good as i wanted and definately nowhere near as good as some of you proffessionals here i gave it a go maybe i'll do better next time lol...

Here are the pictures now remember dont look too close i dont want you to laugh too much at my poor cookies.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Hello again
I have to welcome two new followers Christel Jensen and Roz of lillyelf both ladies do amazing work thanks so much for following along here.

We went shopping yesterday and i had lots of fun i must say. im waiting to hear about my CT scan i had on wednesday no result yet but anyway the shops we went to yesterday took my mind of things for a few hours but they were big stores and i was exhausted trying to get around them im sure i missed lots but i managed to find some miniatures like we do lol...
The photos of my buys are below i have set them out inside my springwood cottage im not sure which way yet so i'll move them around a bit first
the other picture is of a rug i made from leftover adhesive carpet bunka and craft punches at first i didnt think it was good enough and would end up in the bin but when i tried it in a room it wasnt too bad.
And The other picture is another stitched rug same pattern as before but this one is green and gold.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Hi again
Im back with the pictures of my new carpet this one will go into attic room one of my springwood cottage, as you can probably tell im addicted to embroidery lol...its hard for me to put it down once i start.
I have another carpet on the go at the moment for the livingroom in my willow its quite a large one so it might take a while.

The colour doesnt really show very well here its supposed to be burgundy and gold.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Hello again im sorry its been a while but i have been battling with some personal stuff but im here now and i need to welcome two more followers they are Karina and Casita mini. Thanks for following my blog.

I have had a rough few days im trying not to think about the CT Scan i have to have on the 10th im hoping it wont show anything that needs any drastic action my thoughts have been soley on this so i havent done anything mini except start another carpet in a bid to relax....
I hope your all finding time for minis i appreciate you all for following my blog and i am a regular visitor of all who have blogs too and i really enjoy looking at them they are great inspiration.
I will post pictures of my carpet when i finish. Im cutting this one short as like i said my mind is not really on it and i dont want to bore you with the details.
Thanks for bareing with me through this when i have answers and a game plan i hope i will do better

Monday, 1 February 2010


Here's what i was up to today
I showed you the bear carpets i made and they now sit very nicely in my childrens bedrooms in my willow but i had some bare spaces left over on the floors there for those of you who know about the house im talking about you'll know how big the rooms are, so anyway i decided to stich a couple more rugs to fill up the space, so i basically took the central panels of the bigger bear rugs and just stitched them the size is just right for the space i had so it should look ok.
I also finished off a swap im in i made another footstool i think i'll make a couple more i really like the way it turned out.
I think i need a better imagination im running out of ideas lol...