Saturday, 13 February 2010


Hello again
I have to welcome two new followers Christel Jensen and Roz of lillyelf both ladies do amazing work thanks so much for following along here.

We went shopping yesterday and i had lots of fun i must say. im waiting to hear about my CT scan i had on wednesday no result yet but anyway the shops we went to yesterday took my mind of things for a few hours but they were big stores and i was exhausted trying to get around them im sure i missed lots but i managed to find some miniatures like we do lol...
The photos of my buys are below i have set them out inside my springwood cottage im not sure which way yet so i'll move them around a bit first
the other picture is of a rug i made from leftover adhesive carpet bunka and craft punches at first i didnt think it was good enough and would end up in the bin but when i tried it in a room it wasnt too bad.
And The other picture is another stitched rug same pattern as before but this one is green and gold.


  1. A good day's shopping Rachel - lucky you! The bunka rug is lovely, what a great idea, must try that out. Take care, Allison x

  2. Thanks Allison it was really easy and quick and i'll definately be making more