Monday, 28 March 2011


Hello and welcome to yet more new followers thanks for joining my blog.
Well i have now decided on my giveaway prizes there will be two winners this time although i would love to give more they are all made ready i hope you like them i will post pictures tomorrow im really lazy in that i havent done it yet i think im in  go slow mode again i hate feeling like it it doesnt make much room for enjoying things but it will pass just have to ride out the storm im sure some of you know how it is??
Well its now 23.47 and i thinki should try and get some sleep try being the word im real tired but sleep doesnt seem to come so easy anymore cant exactly go running around the house through the night although i think i can say my days of running around any time of day or night are well and truly over did i ever mention  i hate incompetant surgeons oh yeah im sure i have said it quite a few times on my blog so i better  try and get some sleep im feeling really Kranky and mad so its not good hope i'll feel better tomorrow

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hi i have just realised im at 202 followers so welcome to Sherry Raines thanks for joining my blog.
 I think i will have a little giveaway to celebrate it will just be a small one as i havent really been up to working on anything lately so i dont have a picture of it and im not really sure what it will be but i hope you will just join in for the surprise you know what i ask by now im sure just that your a follower and leave a comment here i will pick the winners on 3rd of april hope you will join in and good luck....xx

Monday, 21 March 2011


Hello again and welcome to a few new followers im so happy your here thanks for following my blog. Well we went to miniatura and i had a great time i was so pleased with myself for managing to get around ok i had my stick and of course felt like using it to bash some ankles but i promise i didnt hahaha i took a list this time to make sure i got what i wanted i think we have all bought things and then saw something else we wish we had bought to be honest it still happened to me but i did get what i really set out to so im really pleased about that and its now prooved to me that i could manage to go again so i cant wait for the september show and i will pick different makers from my list in the hope of purchasing a little piece of art from each maker so if you were there and i didnt manage to buy from you this time i will do so nex time two people i have on my list is Maggsnificent minis and Lilly Elf so please be there in september i want some of your work.
 I had a great time but was ready to leave by 2pm i was really well worn out but whoohoo i did the walking it made me so happy
Here are pictures of my mini buys sorry about my photography im not very good keeping steady.....xx

                                                             Flan dish and Egg Holder from Nikki Nakki Noo
                                                                          Various Kits from Model Village
                                                          Felicity Price carpet kits from Helens houses and fabrics

                                      Spell Book, Victorian Cookbook and Anne of green gables from Datemans books
                                                                           Cat by Annie Willis Fine design
                                                             Brown Bunny By Teeny Weeny teddies and friends
                                                                           Paddington Bear by Sally Reader
                                                                            Cock Pheasent by Peter Clark
                                                                  Monarch of the Glenn by Norman d Whiteing
                                                                                 Teaset by Victoria Fasken
                                                                              Cranberry Glass by Glasscraft
                                                 Candle holders, Jug,Trinket dishes, Flower basket by Ottervale China
                                                            Little tan bunny fully poseable by Penny bunn bears
                                                                          Working Barometer By Small Time
                                                                              Lidded urn by Terry Curran

Friday, 18 March 2011


Hello again
I know its been a few days since my last post and i want to say thanks for such sweet
comments on my last blog entries things have been hard and im still quite emotional about everything but i have now managed to upload pictures of some of my dollhouses more will follow as soon as i can my pictures are not great but if you want to see they are on my dollhouse page.
Now the past few days i have been trying to work out if i can manage miniatura this year i havent been for the past three years due to ill health and the past two i havent been able to walk far enough so i had abandoned the idea of going altogether but a few friends in my favourite dollhouse group are going so im really tempted this year but obviously now it would have to be on sunday i have my stick so i might be ok it will probably help to beat back the crowds too hahaha...I know lots of you will be going but who of you will be there on sunday i would love to come and chat with you and does anyone know if paying on the door is ok or should we ring first and ask to reserve tickets we only need two. Please if you know could you let me know i know im leaving it to the last minute but i havent really considered going until the past couple of days any help is appreciated, i also want to welcome all my new followers im so so far behind and now i dont know how many i owe a welcome and an appology too please forgive me and thank you for following my blog.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


I Needed a distraction from the past few days so thought you might like to see what i have done with my mckinley its ok and im happy with it its full of memories so im keeping it as is.
In the first picture you can see a beautiful arrangement of flowers which was a gift from Lara also in the bathroom is a rack i also recieved from Lara i thought it looked good as a towel rack thanks so much Lara for such a lovely gift it was gratefully recieved.

No curtains as yet im tryimg to figure out how to do them its just not something i can comprehend just now...Here you can see the lovely bowl of fruit i recieved from Shellby Fay.
Here is a picture of the beautiful flower arrangement i recieved from Ira
Here you can see a beautiful very well made book from Caterina its one of my favourites Little Women
Hat boxes from Allison and Caterina Hat box from Ira

I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell i have more pictures of some of my other houses ready to upload to my dollshouse page here so stay tuned.
Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and your support over the past few months things have been difficult for me and i really appreciate all your messages sometimes i wonder if it would be better not to feel anything for animals but somehow i know my life is richer for feeling even though it hurts so much when i loose them.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Today is a very sad day yet again im grieving the loss of another furbaby my little bunny Honey passed away this morning, as some of you know she has been very ill and failed to recover after her operation to repair her broken leg it has been an agonising couple of weeks and heartbreaking to see such a beautiful gentle animal suffer so much i feel absolutely devastated. She went to the vets this morning for her checkup but he wasnt able to work any more miracles and said it was kinder to let her go i think i have known this all along but it didnt make the decision any easier i loved this little animal with everything in me and i will miss her so much she was truly a gift from god but she is now free from pain and running free again god bless you my gentle fur baby.....xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hi here are some pictures of some hats i have been making ready to display in the dollhouse mini show we are taking part at this weekend i have loved making these hats but im really not sure about spending the weekend away from Honey my little bunny she is still very ill and im real worried im not sure how things are going to pan out after the checkup visit to the vet on monday when her pins and resin putty should have been removed he said it wasnt ready to come off yet and her back legs were not working as they should he says this could be due to neurological damage and could be linked to the cataract like thing in her eye so the poor baby is still confined and not moving much im really gutted that it may come to yet another grim outcome this is why i have been so quiet im just so heart sick its too much to bare.
Im not sure if my giveaway prizes have been recieved yet Lara, Angeles, And Eloisa please let me know if you have had them?