Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hi here are some pictures of some hats i have been making ready to display in the dollhouse mini show we are taking part at this weekend i have loved making these hats but im really not sure about spending the weekend away from Honey my little bunny she is still very ill and im real worried im not sure how things are going to pan out after the checkup visit to the vet on monday when her pins and resin putty should have been removed he said it wasnt ready to come off yet and her back legs were not working as they should he says this could be due to neurological damage and could be linked to the cataract like thing in her eye so the poor baby is still confined and not moving much im really gutted that it may come to yet another grim outcome this is why i have been so quiet im just so heart sick its too much to bare.
Im not sure if my giveaway prizes have been recieved yet Lara, Angeles, And Eloisa please let me know if you have had them?


  1. Rachel, I hope things will be better soon. I wish you strength for the time being.
    Love, Lara

  2. Thanks Lara. have you recieved my giveaway yet? i cant remember what date i mailed them but i think its close to two weeks now thats how long it takes sometimes i think please let me know when you get it

  3. The hats are very beautiful. I wish your poor little bunny a quick recovery and you will be able to attend the show. A mini hug to you both.

  4. Hope your bunny gets well soon. Those hats are adorable. perfect for spring. Blessings. Joanne

  5. Hats are fantastic rachel as always!
    My best wishes for your Bunny!

  6. siento que su conejo se encuentre tan mal, la verdad es que yo tuve uno hace años y son tan frágiles que después de el no quise tener otro, porque el amor por las mascotas duele cuando llega el tiempo de irse, ahora tenemos un perro, y también sufrimos con cada pequeño contratiempo.
    sus sombreros me parecen adorables, son realmente perfectos
    un abrazo

    I feel that her pussy is so bad, the truth is that I had one for years and are so fragile that after he refused to have another, because love for pets hurt when it comes time to leave, now we have a dog, and also suffer with every little setback.
    I think its adorable hats are really perfect
    a hug

  7. Raquel espero que se mejore pronto, se lo mucho que quieres a tus animalitos y que debes estar sufriendo mucho.
    Que preciosa coleccion, eres una maestra haciendo sombreros.
    besitos ascension

  8. Hello Rachel! how many hats! want to open a store? :))
    your sweet bunny will soon return home, you need to do a caress to her from me! OK?
    a kiss!

  9. Hats are very very nice. I like their colors. Kisses to your Bunny.