Monday, 7 March 2011


Today is a very sad day yet again im grieving the loss of another furbaby my little bunny Honey passed away this morning, as some of you know she has been very ill and failed to recover after her operation to repair her broken leg it has been an agonising couple of weeks and heartbreaking to see such a beautiful gentle animal suffer so much i feel absolutely devastated. She went to the vets this morning for her checkup but he wasnt able to work any more miracles and said it was kinder to let her go i think i have known this all along but it didnt make the decision any easier i loved this little animal with everything in me and i will miss her so much she was truly a gift from god but she is now free from pain and running free again god bless you my gentle fur baby.....xx


  1. A big hug for your loss.

  2. Rachel, you're having a really rough time at the minute and I wish you the strength to get through it. Remember our thoughts are with you, Allison xx

  3. Such sad news Rachel. Be kind and gentle with yourself. A big hug...

  4. NO NO NO!! I hoped until the last that Honey could heal, but not this! I'm so sorry, Rachel, one after the other, it's terrible !!....
    I really hope that you have the strength to overcome everything.
    dear friend, I embrace you strong!

  5. Rachel, I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Honey. There are no words to ease the pain of losing beloved pets. Only time will heal the ache. That and knowing she suffers no more! Our pets just don't live forever, but the Love they give us while they are living makes it worth it..... it just doesn't feel that way when they go......
    Love to you and I hope you can feel better soon.

  6. Dear Rachel, I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved Honey.
    I wish you strength to get through these hard times.
    Love, Lara

  7. Hi Rachel,
    So sorry to hear that you had to say goodbye to your Honey-bunny! Each time I lost a cat (and one time a rabbit called Takkie), I felt it hurts so much, that I should know better than having pets. But each time I can't help myself for wanting those little characters in my life. I'm sure that you know that feeling. But better loved to bits and missed in the same way, than anything else!
    I guess Popps is your only bunny now?


  8. Love the sweet photo of Honey with the hat. I know you will miss her very much. You did the right thing by not letting her suffer any longer. It is so sad and so hard to do that. Wishing you many soft and cuddly memories to console you.

  9. Thanks for all your sweet comments im still hurting and not up to blogging as yet but will get back to it soon.

  10. hello.
    do not worry because it already received them, I'm away from home and still have not seen them but I know they're waiting for me at home. Sunday has put the photos on blog


  11. Thanks Eloisa i hope you will like them