Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Hello again
I have finaly got around to doing something thats long overdue i have now listed all the links to the blogs of the last lot of new followers i couldnt find links to some but i hope i have covered most of them if you have a link that i havent listed please let me know and i will list it.
These blogs are all worth checking out you are all such a clever bunch of people thanks for following my humble blog i appreciate it.
I havent blogged for a few days as i have had a bit of a downturn in my morale i went to see my neuro on tuesday and theres not a lot of great stuff going on he's basically told me this is it i will have no more recovery from my brain injury(Extradural Haematoma surgically induced may i add) its now been over two years since it happened (4/7/09) and im like this for good now no feeling in left leg below knee no movement in toes and not a lot of grip in left hand suck it up and move on basically.....which is harder said than done but guess i'll have to try harder its a good thing i have good people around me ehh.... Speaking of which Paul has a show on the 4th September for those of you in this area its in the Copthorne Hotel Cardiff South Wales UK so if your able to come along it will be good to meet you im just tagging along to see what mini goodies i can buy from everyone else hahaha....

Sunday, 14 August 2011


 Hi Again
Well they were pauls words i have arranged my furniture a bit more and heres what i have come up with still have a few carpets to stitch but im happier with this arrangement.... so far anyway!
I have another new follower welcome Jose thanks for following my blog.


                                                   Oh no not miniatures again.......hahaha this is what we have to deal with our furbabies lounging this one isnt particularly small either as you can see thats quite a large chair lol....

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Hi again
I want to welcome yet more new followers im really going to have to list you all properly soon. Its my birthday today its been quite fun we went to a big mini store and hobbycraft i had a great time buying lots of lovely minis from my birthday money and my thirteen year old nephew bought me the two filled brandy glasses in the pictures so nice of him.... I need your help though now this house was started over six years ago but im  stuck and havent completed it yet something just isnt right about the three narrow  rooms and the top two larger rooms i havent even started on the attic rooms yet i just dont know how to put it right, I Have yet to complete the skirting and coving in some of the rooms its just placed and will be replaced  I would love to hear your ideas and appreciate any help you can give me im limited to what im able to do physically and i dont want help from paul i would like to do this myself so cant manage anything too complicated but i would really like to get this finished this year, i havent quite completed the front we are going to miniatura next month and i want to buy some corbels i want to put some sort of balconies and railings under the larger windows please can you give me some ideas.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Hello again i would like to welcome a few more new followers thank you for joining my blog. 
I have enjoyed going through the blogs im following and im now up to date with everyones, the talent is really amazing and very inspiring. 
Below are some pictures of some of my pets in miniature the lionhead and lop eared rabbits have been made by pearl from litterature in miniature as was the short haired ginger and white cat the persian  cat was made by annie willis of fine design i now have Honey,Popps and Charlie in miniature i have asked Pearl to make Pepper and Hollie next im slowly working my way through to have all my fur babies in miniature sorry my photos are not too great they all look a lot better in real life.
Popps on the settee he isnt really allowed but thinks he should be up there lol...
                                                              Popps with his mini

                                              Mini Charlie, Honey and Popps

                                                       mini honey and popps


                                                                  Me and popps

Friday, 5 August 2011


 I want to welcome yet more new followers thanks for following my blog.
Now i wonder can anybody help me with a little problem i seem to be following a lot of blogs as you can see from my blog list but from the very bottom to about twenty blogs up im not able to access the blogs from my list im getting a lot of gibberish lettering computer jargon left unable to find some of the blogs can anyone tell me if you are having the same problems and do you know what it can be i know some of these blogs are still active because when i searched for them in google it took me straight to them im really confused can anybody help with this please?? thanks.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hello again
i want to say a big welcome to my new followers over the past week its so nice to have you follow my little blog.
I Recieved a package the other day from Mary who's taking part in the pay it forward swap with me i had a whole lot of fab goodies thanks so much mary i love everything and especially love the books i have a place all ready for them altogether there were books one with a hidden secret, lots of lovely findings, lots of beautiful beads and one very special one, lovely white ribbons, garden beans, jacket potatos great for one of my kitchens, doilies handy for my cakes, two gorgeous photo frames i have pictures ready to fill these, little self seal bags very useful indeed, champagne flutes, filligrees, a threader, paper weight and glass bead that looks like soap, and some pretty stickers a lovely letter and gorgeous card and note. I have loved this swap and so far have recieved three beautiful gift packages by taking part  thanks for taking part with me.

Now i made some cakes flans  and what are supposed to be gateaux i know some of you will frown on my fimo skills but im quite pleased with them i have been scared of this stuff for far too long its time to conquer my fear lol...
I also bought some rose caboushons(spelling haha) from ebay i love these and can see a lot of uses for them i think.
Pictures of all mentioned below thanks for looking.