Thursday, 17 February 2011


I just wanted to let you know i have now mailed out the prizes for the giveaway they went to Lara, Eloisa, and Angeles. I hope you like my humble little gifts and can use them somewhere please let me know when you recieve them i think it usually takes about two weeks with our mailing system being so shoddy.I hope you like your prizes.


Hi again
I thought i might write this blog entry since im awake bunny sitting....i really cant sleep im too nervous, we collected Honey yesterday afternoon and after a long conversation with our vet ,he went through the whole procedure with us and was very enthusiastic about my furbaby they all fell in love with her which to me is not at all surprising she's such a lovely gorgeous sweet little bunny and when he brought her out my heart just sunk she is in such a bad looking way with scars over quite a bit of her body and a blob of what he called putty hanging on her side i felt sick to think what my poor baby had been through im so nervous and just hoping she will get through this. I Dont have a picture to show you i'll show one when she's a bit better its not very nice to see right now im just real gutted inside to think what she has been through please god no more grief i cant take anymore.......!!

Im sorry about this but i think those of you who are animal people will understand how things are for me right now pretty crap actually but if the vets entusiastic then maybe i should be too ...ok im kicking myself right now for feeling so negative..... things are going to be ok....things are going to be ok ....things are going to be ok..... maybe this should be my new mantra.....i'll see you again soon with another update

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Hi all
I have been finishing up some carpets and rugs and mats today ready to display at our dollhouse show in march im hoping the rowen mannor will be ready to display the rugs in but if not alas they will just have to sit on the table maybe i can create a scene around them or something?
My rabbit Honey had her surgery this afternoon the vet said it went really well and he was pleased how well it did go so we can pick her up tomorrow afternoon i cant wait i have missed her so bad she's like a baby they all fell in love with her at the vets she,s such a sweetie.
Here is the picture of my carpets the bath mat welcome mat and bunny mat are all my own designs.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Ok im aware that i didnt put pictures and names to who won what prize i was kind of in a rush to get somewhere so im just going to show it now so im sorry about that but here goes......

First prize goes to Eloise
Second prize goes to Angeles
Third prize goes to Lara

Hi To everyone thanks to new followers im very glad your here. Just before i announce the winners of this giveaway i wanted to tell you about my poor overactive bunny Honey she has been a bit quiet over the weekend and not her cheerfull self diving on and off our couch and running around chasing the cats and popps our other rabbit so we took her to the yeah you guessed it vets....and the poor girl has a broken front right leg she's in at the moment after being xrayed and they will operate to fix the break in the morning the vet says the success rate is good so im glad of that but i just want her home she hasnt been away from me since i got her except when i was in hospital for eight weeks and im missing her terribly i bet she wont dive off the couch again in a hurry......right well away with the doom and gloom i know she'll be fine now on to the giveaway


Please could you email me your mailing addresses to get the prizes out to you

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hello again and welcome to a few more followers a couple of months ago i started a victorian rug and its taken me quite a while but i have finaly finished it im quite happy with it altough its not as well done as some of my needlework but its ready and waiting for my Rowen mannor pauls working on that over at afan valley miniatures blog and i was expecting it for christmas but it wasnt ready in time so hopefully it will be mine to play with errr i mean arrange and fill up soon.
Im taking part in a miniatures exhibition with west glamorgan dolls house club on the 5th and 6th march in swansea museum and i would like to show it so fingers crossed it will be ready. If you would like to come along and see our exhibition i would love to meet you so come and say hello. Anyway below is the picture of the rug.

A few more days and it will be time to draw my giveaway im so excited and cant wait i just hope the three winners will enjoy what i have made as prizes.

Monday, 7 February 2011


Im so sorry please forgive me i have neglected so many new followers about fourty in all and im so bad for doing this i have had so much stress and heartache over the past couple of months over the loss of three of my furbabies and that along with feeling so grotty health wise has led to me falling so far behind in welcoming so many new friends so thank you all for following along and welcome to my blog.

I recieved a wonderful swap from Caterina on friday full of mini handmade goodies and a beautiful card that was so emotional and caring in its wording i love everything Caterina and have found new homes for such treasures i only hope you liked my end of the swap as much as i enjoyed yours you made my day with the gorgeous little Rabbit so carefully made which is in memory of Hollie and they arrived the day i lost Fern so will serve as a reminder of her also and the lovely little cat basket which is a permanent reminder to me of Charlie who loved sleeping in his basket. Your work is beautiful and the books are wonderful how could you know little women and a christmas carol are stories which i love so much the hat box pitcher memory box and shirt are all perfect for the bedroom in my springwood house everything fits in so well thank you so much dear friend for being so thoughtful and kind.

We went to my neuro appointment on the 1st and i have to say im left wondering what was the point im told the only scan i can have is an mri but after being informed of the metal shards left inside my headand the fact no one really knows what they are or if they are indeed magnetic for certain i think it goes without saying and as no surprise that im really reluctant to have one so i will just carry on as i am and we will see where that gets me im not wanting to dwell on it too much anymore because theres no use in doing so i have made up my mind and thats that im just going to keep going until i can go no more ......thank god for minis im telling you i would have lost the plot for certain without them or you my wonderful supportive blog friends. dont forget my giveaway on the 14th feb if you havent already please leave a comment on the giveaway post to be in with a chance of winning but remember you have to be a follower and at this rate i'll be having another giveaway for reaching 200 followers soon xx

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hello i want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who left heartfelt comments about my furbaby Charlie i am conforted by you all but along with comfort comes another great sadness although some relief this time...we lost yet another furbaby on friday our eldest Rabbit passed away almost nine years old and a real fighter although old age won i think, i am relieved because the last few months were not easy she was struggling and im glad she is now at peace as sad as this is i am glad she is now at rest she is pictured here with Jett one of our furbabies who also passed away.
FERN 2003-2011
JETT 2004-2007