Thursday, 17 February 2011


Hi again
I thought i might write this blog entry since im awake bunny sitting....i really cant sleep im too nervous, we collected Honey yesterday afternoon and after a long conversation with our vet ,he went through the whole procedure with us and was very enthusiastic about my furbaby they all fell in love with her which to me is not at all surprising she's such a lovely gorgeous sweet little bunny and when he brought her out my heart just sunk she is in such a bad looking way with scars over quite a bit of her body and a blob of what he called putty hanging on her side i felt sick to think what my poor baby had been through im so nervous and just hoping she will get through this. I Dont have a picture to show you i'll show one when she's a bit better its not very nice to see right now im just real gutted inside to think what she has been through please god no more grief i cant take anymore.......!!

Im sorry about this but i think those of you who are animal people will understand how things are for me right now pretty crap actually but if the vets entusiastic then maybe i should be too ...ok im kicking myself right now for feeling so negative..... things are going to be ok....things are going to be ok ....things are going to be ok..... maybe this should be my new mantra.....i'll see you again soon with another update


  1. I hope things will be better soon. I wish you a lot of strength for the hard times you are going through.

  2. I'm sending you huggs, I know what you are going through, I have cats, can't help how we feel about them. xxxx

  3. I am sure things are going to be OK. Just be positive. Huggs

  4. Hello Rachel, I am suffering with you, and you know ...
    when one falls so low, the only thing he can do is go back .. you start thinking positive, you'll see that slowly the road ahead will be easier, your sweet rabbit recovers, and everything will be fine!
    It hurts to know your suffering in recent months, one thing after another, looks like a persecution! ENOUGH!
    I want it all goes well, by now, then ...
    everything will be fine! courage!
    a big hug!

  5. Thanks for your supportive comments i know i need to be more possitive im going to try harder