Friday, 24 June 2011


Hello again i would like to say welcome to a new follower thanks for joining my blog i appreciate it.
I havent been around much and i feel bad that i have taken so long to upload a picture of the beautiful pay it forward swap i recieved from Rosamargarita a beautiful layette for a baby thanks so much Rosa i love it you do lovely work.

I havent felt much like doing anything but i have sat and stitched  a few carpets i find it relaxes me and isnt stressfull so i enjoy it very much..

                                                   Here are a few minis i bought from minimum world im not sure how well you can see them but there is a netherland dwarf bunny, a frog and a mole, a hedgehog and a mouse with cheese although it looks more like a rat.
                                                            Another rug i have made

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi again
 Im sorry i have been off the radar a while i have been really run down the past couple of weeks all i have done is sleep which is  really not good and im still really tired my energy has just been zapped away after having flu so i have felt really crappy and crabby with it i havent been able to post comments on any blogs for a while and had problems with my laptop so i have been out of the loop for a while im sorry also about my pay it forwards swaps which are still just looking at me on my table i promise i will mail them out in the next couple of days.
Im just managing to check out new blog entries that i have missed and am enjoying them in between napping anyone got any energy tips i need them lol...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hello again to all my fab blog friends i would also like to welcome a few more new followers thanks for following my blog  one of these days i promise to list you all with links properly but just now i have a stinking flu i have been so stressed lately and i had a hospital appointment this afternoon i could hardly hear what the doc was saying my head and ears feel weird and blocked up im going for an early night tonight hope i'll sleep all night not just one hour of it like normal .
Im sorry to Lainie,Drora,Rosamargarita, Ludmila, i still havent sent out my pay it forward gifts please forgive me i will do it definately this week i also notice Kathi signed up too please email me your mailing address and i can get your gift sent out to you.  Oh well im absolutely done in so im off to bed oh yeah almost forgot we had an amazing show the weekend i loved every minite of it and got to show off a  few of my houses along with a few made by paul thanks for all your encouragement on our minis we really appreciate it and i know pauls working hard ready for the next display/show.