Monday, 31 January 2011


Today has been one of difficult and heartbreaking descision we lost our Charlie.
We rescued him in march 2009 and the past two years havent been easy ones he has been ill through most of them today we took him to the vet and the toughest descision had to be made he had lost 25% of his body weight over the past two weeks and didnt really have it to loose in truth the poor baby was wasting away he went to sleep at 12.00 god bless you Charlie.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Hello i have been a very bad toad lately not being around here i havent felt too great but during my abscence im still managing to get new followers so to show you all how much your all appreciated im going to have a giveaway. I will mail to anywhere in the world and the only rules i have is that your a follower and leave a comment on this post you can post this on your blog but its not essential. Thanks to you all for following along and im just sorry for being mia all the time lately. The winners will be drawn on 14th feb so leave a comment here and it could be you so long as your a follower that is.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hello to all my wonderful friends. Again im here to appologise for not being here if that makes any sense at all lol...Im still not feeling great and im having episodes again of not being able to move or open my eyes but being aware of whats going on around me its not a fun feeling and very un nerving to say the least, Its not a new feeling just one i havent had in a while it generally means my heads full again lol.... but all joking aside the pressure is probably too high again im seeing my new doc on 1st feb which seems a long time away but im hanging in there until then. Theres still no great improvement to report on my cat and rabbit but i think thats as good as its going to get so long as theres no other problems with them fingers crossed they should be ok.
I have ordered a smaller needlepunch tool which im eager to recieve i just want to try punch embroidery if anyone knows anything or does punch embroidry i would love to know more about it i have lots of aida and canvas from my normal embroidery is it possible to use this or do i need another kind of fabric to stitch on also if any of you do needlefelting please can you help me with this like how long do i have to poke the work for i tried making a mini rabbit and cat but they didnt turn out that way lol...
any tips or help please i would be grateful

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hello again im sorry its been so long yet again im finding i want so much to do so many things but i just dont have the energy or motivation again lately but i really hope this will improve soon i wasnt able to make my hospital appointment on 21st dec because we had so much snow it just wasnt possible i now have it re-booked for 1st feb so hopefully better luck and good news then. My fur babies seem to be hanging in there poor Charlie had blood taken from his thyroid gland on thursday and was so good about it the vet did it there and then and there was no fuss at all he's such a great little boy its hard to see him going through such horrible times.

After feeling so down lately I recieved an amazing package yesterday full of the most fabulous goodies from Ascension thank you so so much you truly made my day,week,month i love everything and now have everything in place inside my witches hovel i really should give it a proper name anyone have any ideas?? Below are pictures of the beautiful miniatures from Ascension the teapots are just amazing i love the pumpkins but my favourite is the blackberry your work is awesome the pies and cakes are delicious looking A fabulous assortment of gourds mushrooms and pumpkins now reside in witch hazels greenhouse

Candles, pumpkins, storage jars all perfect for my little witch

The fab skull and bones mushroom selection and a stylish dish

Are these amazing goodies or what? Thank you so so so so much Ascension im still working on your package but will get it out to you asap but how can my work ever compare to your wonderful talent!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hello again i hope you all had a great christmas and have a happy new year for 2011
I wanted to show you what i have been working on lately,
I started stitching this carpet in november this is how far i have got so far im taking my time on it, i also started another carpet the same time i seem to have a few things on the go at the same time so maybe my resolution for this year should be to finish one before moving onto another.....mmm hang on a min wasnt that my resolution for last year. I Have been teaching myself to knit the past few months but this year i would like to master crochet this is something that has interested me for a long time but i just havent been able to get it so im really going to try this year. I recieved a needle felting kit which i have always wanted to try and also a needle punch tool im so excited about all these goodies i cant wait to try them all out.
well happy new year everyone