Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hello again im sorry its been so long yet again im finding i want so much to do so many things but i just dont have the energy or motivation again lately but i really hope this will improve soon i wasnt able to make my hospital appointment on 21st dec because we had so much snow it just wasnt possible i now have it re-booked for 1st feb so hopefully better luck and good news then. My fur babies seem to be hanging in there poor Charlie had blood taken from his thyroid gland on thursday and was so good about it the vet did it there and then and there was no fuss at all he's such a great little boy its hard to see him going through such horrible times.

After feeling so down lately I recieved an amazing package yesterday full of the most fabulous goodies from Ascension thank you so so much you truly made my day,week,month i love everything and now have everything in place inside my witches hovel i really should give it a proper name anyone have any ideas?? Below are pictures of the beautiful miniatures from Ascension the teapots are just amazing i love the pumpkins but my favourite is the blackberry your work is awesome the pies and cakes are delicious looking A fabulous assortment of gourds mushrooms and pumpkins now reside in witch hazels greenhouse

Candles, pumpkins, storage jars all perfect for my little witch

The fab skull and bones mushroom selection and a stylish dish

Are these amazing goodies or what? Thank you so so so so much Ascension im still working on your package but will get it out to you asap but how can my work ever compare to your wonderful talent!


  1. Raquel, estoy contenta de que te hayan gustado mis miniaturas.
    Perdon por el retraso, pero las hice con mucho cariño para ti, aunque hayan tardado un poquito jejeje
    Espero que tus gatitos se recuperen pronto.
    Ten muchos animos y no pierdas la visita al medico.
    besitos ascension

  2. Those are pretty incredible! She is very talented! Hope you are feeling better real soon.

  3. Thanks again Ascension you are really very kind and i appreciate your minis greatly. My new appointment is for the 1st february so as long as the weather is good and we have no snow i will see the doctor then. My cat is still not great he has lost so much weight he is eating but doesnt seem to gain any weight im hoping its just an increase in his thyroid medication that is needed i will phone the vets later today to see if the result to his blood test is back.
    Thanks again for your kindness

  4. Thanks Jean im sorry im not much of a blogger just now keeping my blogging friends happy and entertained i feel like im walking on eggshells at the moment and cant stand the way im feeling i think it should improve once i see my new neurologist i think its the pressures up in my head again this was how i felt before but im glad your sticking around though your all appreciated

  5. Ascension is just a wonderful artist. The goodies she sent you are fabulous.

  6. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.