Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hello again Hope you had a lovely christmas and happy new year to all my blogger friends. Sadly i dont have any minis to show you this time i havent made any but i do have some new fur babies to show you i got two new teddy lionheads yesterday their names are Teddy and Rubin and they are the sweetest little things they are pictured below with my other six year old teddy lionhead poppsie hope you all have a fab new year xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hello again Thanks to those of you still patient enough to follow my slowly updated blog i can only apologise for not updating more often but i do have a few things i can show you that i have worked on through the year although maybe not as great as some of your work but its as good as mine gets right now lol....I hope you all have a lovely christmas xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hi again Its been five days and wow im back again doing well haha..i decided to take an up to date inventory of my dollhouses so far ive only done one As i have been busy revamping a dollhouse i bought for my cousins children six or seven years ago, its been kept at my uncle and aunts house for the kids to play with and apparently has been enjoyed by all the children in the street now thats what i like to hear, but my uncle asked me to revamp it and to be honest i dreaded seeing it again after all those kids had been at it but i need not have worried it was in great condition and i was really shocked now these are kids after my own heart lol...they have looked after it so well i decided to install lights in it for them hopefully they will continue to take care of it. I dont have pictures yet but will get some when its done i have done bits as and when i felt like so progress is quite slow but it will get there...Anyway more on the inventory i emptied out my springwood cottage it took ages to document all the minis i had inside it i like to fill cupboards and draws even though you cant see whats in them i like to open a draw or cupboard and rediscover a mini i havent set eyes on for a while needless to say it took me about four hours lol...but i now have an up to date list many of the fabulous minis have been swaps or gifts from many of my mini blog friends thanks to everyone who has sent me minis over the years i have every single one and love them all dearly. Now one house inventory has been done i need to move on to another but think i should do some work on the dollhouse revamp first its a lovely bright day here which has been a rare thing lately so whilst i have the light i think i should do some mini wallpapering see you all again soon with another update xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Hi Its been way too long since my last post and much has happened but the exciting thing is i bought a second hand Beacon Hill the other day its mosty assembled apart from siding some shingles shutters and internal windows its not wallpapered inside but the stairs have been glued in and they are well and truly stuck. My problem is how can i wallpaper the stairwell i have read somewhere that its near impossible to wallpaper when the stairs are glued in place can anyone please help me with this im hoping its not impossible to paper the stairwell now im so excited with my buy ive wanted a BH for so long and now i have one im hoping the glued in stairs are not a terrible thing can anyone advise on this please?? xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sorry i've been away so long again here's some pictures of my baby rabbits now almost 14 weeks old they are so much fun to watch and i have enjoyed the last 14 weeks immensely xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Hi there Thought i should update my blog since i havent been here in a couple of weeks Ive been busy taking care of bunnies as some of you will know my does gave birth on may 10th 2012 there were originaly 13 babies but we were left with five i put pictures up to day 18 but they have grown quite a lot since and are absolutely gorgeous im completely in love lol...The pics show them at various stages they are now six weeks and two days old and so pretty. I also got some new dolllhouses Here are some updated pictures MY NEW BRIDAL SHOP

Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hello again Im so so sorry for such a long time away from my blog things have truly been weird ,hectic,mad you name it lol... but anyway things have been more than eventful on the bunny side of things the last time i blogged we had gotten a new rabbit to keep poppsie company we wanted a female but after having it a few weeks we discovered she was now a he i didnt have the heart to take him back to the shop so we kept him gave him a name change from Daisy may to Dizzie and he certainly made us all dizzy lol...we had him castrated to make him more friendly so at that point we had two bucks problem of a companion for popps wasnt really solved so we decided to go get a doe for the two boys to have a distraction we went to the pet shop but didnt see any suitable doe rabbits. There was a couple wandering around the shop talking about rabbits they had to find homes for now i dont usually earwig on peoples conversations but i approached them and asked whether they had bucks or does the lady said three month old does so we agreed to go have a look...we did this she had four pretty little does she was breeding rabbits and pigs for meat this wasnt how i visioned these little bunnies so as our garden is of a good size we decided to take the four our bucks had both been castrated so we assumed it was safe... well after letting all the bunnies play together they all got on really well popps was no longer lonely Dizzie had playmates and all was after 28 days yeah you can pretty much guess what happened..babies no less than 13 of them after phoning my vets to see what went wrong i was told that dizzie should of been kept apart from the girls for a month we were not told this and i feel embarassed for not already knowing but it was never a problem before, We have kept male and female rabbits for the past ten years but always got both neutered/spayed so no babies this was all new to us and quite a worry what should i do if anything to make sure they would be allright? Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for us room ways we lost eight of the babies so just five left now they are three weeks old today and look lovely it was our mistake and so we just have to deal with it never mind.... live and learn it wont happen again so i just as well enjoy the experience i was really worried knowing how young the does were they shouldnt really have young from what ive read until their at least six months old but our girls were just three almost four months old i just want to do whats best for all of them i have been like a worried mother for the past three weeks im not made for this worry lol... below are some pics of the babies Thanks to all of you who worried about me and sent messages sorry to make you worry im fine and hope to update more often from now on enjoy the pictures xx Baby bunnies 2 days old, 7 days old, 18 days old

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hi again
Im grateful for the help from some of you in my last post regarding Dizzie.
I havent got anything to show you lately in miniature i havent really made anything i have been stuck in a rutt but i do have a link for you to check out on etsy its for afan valley miniatures and there are some great items there all hand made and excellent prices please check it out and hopefuly i will be back with a more interesting post for you shortly thanks for sticking around you are all much appreciated the link is as follows xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Im real confused just now after all the years i've kept pet rabbits i have never until now come across one that has seizures fits of a sort its happened about six times now and getting worse with each episode Dizzie (apt name) keeps knocking himself out last night started making noises like a baby crying not sure what to do at this stage the vet is totally clueless... anyone know of this sort of thing happening in rabbits and if there's any way of controlling it? I am grateful for any help xx

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Im here again,Yesterday was a real bad day for me i had a funny turn in the dentists and ended up fainting and had to go to A&E we were there till 9.30 last night really not a good experience given my fear with hospitals now i was just glad to get home.
Today i didnt feel up to much but had a play around with some fimo and made a few plants my pictures are not really doing much for them they look a lot better in real life i would be more than happy to have these in my dollhouses so im happy with that now to display them there xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hello again
Welcome to some new followers thanks for following my blog.
Now in my last two posts there was a bit of confusion about the gender of my newest furbaby daisymay well now its obvious she is now a he im a little mad with the place we got him from because we stressed we wanted a female as a companion for my other rabbit popps.
When we got him he was only 8 weeks old so it wasnt apparent they had made a mistake but now its real obvious lol...we have now renamed him Dizzie and i bet he is too i know popps is confused lol...Both of them were getting along but now they have started to fight over who's boss and poor popps got off worse with some fur pulled out, Its not possible to run them together so its more hassle but taking him back is not an option he's Absolutely nuts and keeps us all entertained we love him to bits and will just have to work around the problem but at the end of it all poor poppsy still didnt get his mate poor boy...xx