Sunday, 12 February 2012


Im real confused just now after all the years i've kept pet rabbits i have never until now come across one that has seizures fits of a sort its happened about six times now and getting worse with each episode Dizzie (apt name) keeps knocking himself out last night started making noises like a baby crying not sure what to do at this stage the vet is totally clueless... anyone know of this sort of thing happening in rabbits and if there's any way of controlling it? I am grateful for any help xx


  1. Rachel, unfortunately I do not know how to handle rabbits. I hope you can help your rabbits, that they were healthy!

  2. Thanks Ludmila i have since been told its something that happens with them because of them being sort of genetically modified i really didnt think of that and im really upset with myself about it im not a fan of messing around with animals breeding and feel real bad now. Im changing vets maybe theres something we can give him to reduce the seizures or something xx

  3. Hi Rachel I guess you have googled as well. I found this article on lionhead rabbits which mentions idiopathic epilepsy in some strains of dwarf rabbit:
    I hope Dizzie is okay

  4. Thanks Christine im just going to look At the link. Dizz is allright but im just dreading the next episode thanks again xx