Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hi again
Im grateful for the help from some of you in my last post regarding Dizzie.
I havent got anything to show you lately in miniature i havent really made anything i have been stuck in a rutt but i do have a link for you to check out on etsy its for afan valley miniatures and there are some great items there all hand made and excellent prices please check it out and hopefuly i will be back with a more interesting post for you shortly thanks for sticking around you are all much appreciated the link is as follows xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Im real confused just now after all the years i've kept pet rabbits i have never until now come across one that has seizures fits of a sort its happened about six times now and getting worse with each episode Dizzie (apt name) keeps knocking himself out last night started making noises like a baby crying not sure what to do at this stage the vet is totally clueless... anyone know of this sort of thing happening in rabbits and if there's any way of controlling it? I am grateful for any help xx