Sunday, 31 October 2010


Hi to all And welcome to my new followers thanks for being here i have had a weird old day but im not going to say any more about that anyway i wanted to tell you about my other nephews blog he's seven years old and has been working hard on his mini halloween scene please will you go see his blog i would be so grateful if you went and had a look its here i will blog properly tomorrow but im now off to bed im really tired its been a long couple of days see you all tomorrow

Friday, 29 October 2010


Ok this is my third attempt at blogging this although different each time lol.... if it doesnt work this time im just about ready to throw something lol....hufff !!
I know its not halloween yet and already im talking about christmas but i made these yesterday all the fimo was still out i hadnt put it away after ashley was using it so i thought i would try something im quite pleased with these although the picture doesnt actually show how good they look im happy with them although they will probably go walkies once my nephews turn up this weekend i have three and the oldest two being ashley and jack are well into minis at least i know who my beloved dollshouse collection will go to when i pop my cloggs hahaha well anyway i promised to make christmas and halloween room boxes with them ash already has his halloween one done so it will just be christmas for him so if i want one of these for my dollhouse i'll have to make more but hey its all practice.
Last night i went to my breakaway mini group im in two main ones but five of us meet up on a thursday also so i learned how to knit i think they got frustrated with me because it took so long for me to grasp it lol....thats the joy of a brain injury its not until i try and do the simple things i realise the extent of it not that im saying knitting is simple but i notice it in other things i have done all my life but now have difficulty with but i finaly got it haha... i came away with a pattern for a knitted beaded handbag so guess what im going to try next??
I Have a doctors appointment this morning im taking back up as its the only way i get listened to after everything i have been through the past two years its kind of insulting to need back up but hey thats the way it is i suppose i also have a hospital appointment on tuesday im not feeling too good again of late im having a great deal of problems sleeping with nightmares i could write a horror book about and my blaockouts are more and more again i had a real bad one the other day but minis help so knitted beaded bags it is. See you tomorrow if all is well thanks for listening to my moans and groans again you are still there arn't you!!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Just looking on the internet this morning have you seen this its so real looking its freeeeeeeaaaaky yuch.....


Hello again
I have three new followers to welcome thanks for following my blog
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I finaly got around to making up my newest rug pictured below i also made a christmas wallhanging im now working on a few other christmas items so i will post some pictures when they are done

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hiya to everyone i have been missing a while due to a lot of personal dramas but i hope to be back on track soon its been too long.

I have a lot of thanks for those who visited and followed my nephews blog it means a lot to me and he's very excited that he has followers thanks for that.

now i have to welcome my new followers i appreciate you all being here and have enjoyed looking through your blogs those that i could find anyway welcome to

Natalia who does the most fabulous needlepoint work you can visit her blog here.

Catherine who has an amazing blog and makes gorgeous little fur animals i will be buying some very soon you can visit her here.

Beth im sorry i cant find your blog if you have one please send me the link i would love to see it.

thanks ladies for following along


As for what i have been up to i am taking part in Caterinas international swap and have been busy making the swap items ready to mail im all set just need to know who my partner will be im really very excited as its my first time to do this so it should be a lot of fun i think today is the last day to sign up you can find it here thats if i got it right lol....sorry i cant post a picture of what i made until after the swaps complete.


Saturday, 16 October 2010


Hi Again i wanted to mention that my nephew now has a blog and i was hoping some of you would show your support by visiting or even following it his name is Ashley and he's twelve with learning difficulties his spelling isnt great but he's trying very at times lol....but what kid isnt please pay a visit he has been working on a mini graveyard and a halloween stall he loves the holiday and anything to do with it and has been driving me nuts about uploading his pictures so i have to get pictures of his graveyard next hahaha....
its here for anyone who would like to take a look

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hello its been a while i have been feeling pretty low lately but i had a lovely surprise when Lainie emailed me to say i had won second prize in her giveaway its the first giveaway i have won so thanks Lainie you made my day i cant wait to recieve the goodies i'll post pictures when they arrive.
I also have some new followers to welcome they are
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and whoohoo i finaly figured out how to add links hahaha its about time too....

My nephew has been working on a halloween project he is twelve and has learning difficulties but he loves halloween and has been busy with his stall so i thought i would show you a picture he really loved working on it and even stitched the spider web and witch wall hangings there are a few things he has to add.

And the little rug is a pattern i made up and stitched im now working on a baby deer rug they look really cute in a childs bedroom scene i will add patterns soon

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Today we went for a stroll around the mountains where we live i was quite pleased with myself as i managed to walk a fair bit unaided we saw quite a few jays and what we thought was a honey buzzard pictured below. when we got back i have to say i was really exhausted but i went for a walk whoo hoo im chuffed about that.

These are some pictures i stitched for my springwood i was thinking about adding frames but decided against it they are now hanging in the stairwells of the house they look pretty good too

Heres a little rug i stitched for megs hovel i used a few shades of green and used three strands of thread and sometimes two strands of thread to give a worn effect it looks good in the hovel nice and worn and a little grubby too i didnt want it to look too new its just right but i do prefer stitching cleaner looking rugs i think i'll leave grubby finishes to paul lol...


Hello and welcome all new followers i have been so rude lately and slow in saying welcome thanks for joining my blog im so sorry if i havent listed your blog here
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Im sorry if i missed anyone for some reason new followers are getting jumbled up amongst the not so new followers you know you are all more than welcome here and all much appreciated thanks for all your lovely comments i love comments especially good ones hahaha