Saturday, 2 October 2010


Hello and welcome all new followers i have been so rude lately and slow in saying welcome thanks for joining my blog im so sorry if i havent listed your blog here
welcome to
Jennifer of

Otterine sorry cant find a blog

Christina of

Day dreamer of

Glenda of

Marion of

Lotte of

Daisy of

Francesca of

May of

Sara of

Victoria of

Ana of

Little miss kris sorry cant find a blog

Dante sorry cant find a blog

Pepi mali sorry cant find a blog

Elena omsk sorry no blog

Marielljessica sorry no blog

Im sorry if i missed anyone for some reason new followers are getting jumbled up amongst the not so new followers you know you are all more than welcome here and all much appreciated thanks for all your lovely comments i love comments especially good ones hahaha

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