Saturday, 2 October 2010


Today we went for a stroll around the mountains where we live i was quite pleased with myself as i managed to walk a fair bit unaided we saw quite a few jays and what we thought was a honey buzzard pictured below. when we got back i have to say i was really exhausted but i went for a walk whoo hoo im chuffed about that.

These are some pictures i stitched for my springwood i was thinking about adding frames but decided against it they are now hanging in the stairwells of the house they look pretty good too

Heres a little rug i stitched for megs hovel i used a few shades of green and used three strands of thread and sometimes two strands of thread to give a worn effect it looks good in the hovel nice and worn and a little grubby too i didnt want it to look too new its just right but i do prefer stitching cleaner looking rugs i think i'll leave grubby finishes to paul lol...


  1. Great that you managed to get out for a walk Rachel, even tho as you say you were exhausted when you got back.

    The tiny flowers are so pretty!

    I had to laugh at you not wanting to 'dirty up' that rug, but it looks great :)

  2. Hi Norma thanks
    Paul took quite a few pictures of the old ruins around the mountain quite a few old walls he kept saying he needed inspiration for Norma lol... he will probably put them on his blog for you. You know im really not sure about grubby hahaha...