Monday, 26 September 2011


Hi Again
I am back with the links to some new followers blogs i couldnt find links for some so i am sorry about that but thank you for following my blog and enjoy the links

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hello again
I have to say welcome to a few more followers who's links i will add later thanks for following my blog i appreciate everyone of you.
I thought i would show you the rest of my Bath House i have now got pictures of the outside of it and my servants room in the attic and also an overview from the front i still might move things around a bit i have decided its going to be a georgian house set in the early victorian period, The family has inherited the house from a late aunt and have decided to keep most of the furniture as it is hence the pictures in the dining room and other earlier pieces around the house i liked being able to mix different styles from earlier and later periods.
A friend of ours Sandra from our dollhouse club made up and dressed the cook and made the linen press and chair in the attic room annie willis made the long haired cat on the chair and Pearl Hudson made the Tabby cat and ginger and white short hair cats they are relica's of my fur babies that are no longer with us Tabitha and Charlie. Another friend of ours Alison of mini dream makers made up and dressed the lady of the house in the black boa i think she looks more Edwardian than Victorian but i love the look of her so think i will overlook that minor fact....
Hope you enjoy looking thanks also for all your lovely comments on previous posts on my blog i really love comments and appreciate your views and oppinions. xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hello again
I have'nt blogged for a few days i havent been very well really run down i think with no energy but i thought i should blog today before you all loose interest. So here are some pictures of where im at just now this house was bought as a kit and has taken me six years already so i think i should try and finish it soon i still need to add trim  to frame all the rooms nicely... Paul is working on the front facade and altering the
 roof for me turning it into a mansard rather than the apex it was originaly so hopefuly it will turn out well. The first picture shows the attic rooms in a complete shambles then we move down to the bathroom and bedroom the maid is working hard cleaning out the bath after her ladyship this morning  there is no plumbing so the bath has to be emptied out manually....oh how lucky we are these days to have the humble plug hole hahaha... Lucy moorecroft has been a busy lady shopping for hats and new parasols etc.. the goods have been left ready in the bedroom where she can try them all yet again later....
                                             The carpet here is stitched using a pattern from Janet Grangers book its on 14count canvas and is the wrong scale but i enjoyed stitching it and really wanted to show it n this room i do stitch on finer canvas but my eyes are not always willing hahaha... There are a selection of lovely hatboxes from Ira Caterina and Allison thanks ladies there is also a box of pictures and soaps from Caterina on the chair i love them .
                                             Amelia moorecroft is playing with her beloved Dogs the black Labrador was a commision from Pearl Hudson   his name is Duke after my mothers gorgeous furbaby now passed on there is a picture on the wall by Ellie de lacey also in his likeness.
                            Lydia sits with her faithfull cat Sebastian whilst father greets Amelia and the dogs.
                                Mother is seeing that everything looks right and proper with the tea.
                                           So far im not sure about this room its supposed to be the entrance hall but fathers desk is also here im hoping Paul will make me a basement to add underneath the house i can then add a Kitchen and scullery......OHHH PAUL.......HAHAHA....!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hello hope you are all well my fab blog buddies i have made Some new corsets hope you enjoy looking.