Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hiya to everyone i have been missing a while due to a lot of personal dramas but i hope to be back on track soon its been too long.

I have a lot of thanks for those who visited and followed my nephews blog it means a lot to me and he's very excited that he has followers thanks for that.

now i have to welcome my new followers i appreciate you all being here and have enjoyed looking through your blogs those that i could find anyway welcome to

Natalia who does the most fabulous needlepoint work you can visit her blog here.

Catherine who has an amazing blog and makes gorgeous little fur animals i will be buying some very soon you can visit her here.

Beth im sorry i cant find your blog if you have one please send me the link i would love to see it.

thanks ladies for following along


As for what i have been up to i am taking part in Caterinas international swap and have been busy making the swap items ready to mail im all set just need to know who my partner will be im really very excited as its my first time to do this so it should be a lot of fun i think today is the last day to sign up you can find it here thats if i got it right lol....sorry i cant post a picture of what i made until after the swaps complete.



  1. Me alegro que estes mejor.
    Una buena idea ir preparando las cosas para el intercambio de Cockerina.
    Besos Clara

  2. Hi Rachel, glad to see you're back with us now :D And I hope everything is okay. Your nephew's blog was really interesting, I only had a quick 2 mins to have a peek but I came back to get the link again just now.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your swap!

    Happy mini-ing

  3. Hi Clara thanks im excited to be in the swap it sounds like a lot of fun

  4. Hi Shellby fay
    Things have been are and are going to be crazy here for a whiile but im hoping to get some mini fun in between the stress of everything lets see how possible that is shall we mmmm...!!
    thanks for looking at ashleys blog he was working on something yesterday here with me and it turned out pretty good but sadly he took them home with him and couldnt wait to blog and his picture taking skills are worse than mine (as if thats possible haha so paul will get some pictures for him today at some point, his minis were quite good im a little jealous lol....