Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hi again Its been five days and wow im back again doing well haha..i decided to take an up to date inventory of my dollhouses so far ive only done one As i have been busy revamping a dollhouse i bought for my cousins children six or seven years ago, its been kept at my uncle and aunts house for the kids to play with and apparently has been enjoyed by all the children in the street now thats what i like to hear, but my uncle asked me to revamp it and to be honest i dreaded seeing it again after all those kids had been at it but i need not have worried it was in great condition and i was really shocked now these are kids after my own heart lol...they have looked after it so well i decided to install lights in it for them hopefully they will continue to take care of it. I dont have pictures yet but will get some when its done i have done bits as and when i felt like so progress is quite slow but it will get there...Anyway more on the inventory i emptied out my springwood cottage it took ages to document all the minis i had inside it i like to fill cupboards and draws even though you cant see whats in them i like to open a draw or cupboard and rediscover a mini i havent set eyes on for a while needless to say it took me about four hours lol...but i now have an up to date list many of the fabulous minis have been swaps or gifts from many of my mini blog friends thanks to everyone who has sent me minis over the years i have every single one and love them all dearly. Now one house inventory has been done i need to move on to another but think i should do some work on the dollhouse revamp first its a lovely bright day here which has been a rare thing lately so whilst i have the light i think i should do some mini wallpapering see you all again soon with another update xx


  1. Reading this I was wondering if this sudden 'need' to do an inventory was perhaps a strategy to avoid the wallpaper issue on the BH - on reading the end I see that perhaps you are about to tackle it ;)

    Thanks for your kind words, I suspect I might qualify for the longest drawn-out B Arts in history!!

  2. Ahhh norma you did great getting your B.A degree.....i have a million things i need to tackle regarding the dollhouses there are many im finishing the revamp then moving on to inventory on my completely finished mill cottage, rowan cottage and poste house then i will tackle the BH then you'll hear me curse all the way the other side of the globe haha...fancy flying over to