Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hello again
Welcome to some new followers thanks for following my blog.
Now in my last two posts there was a bit of confusion about the gender of my newest furbaby daisymay well now its obvious she is now a he im a little mad with the place we got him from because we stressed we wanted a female as a companion for my other rabbit popps.
When we got him he was only 8 weeks old so it wasnt apparent they had made a mistake but now its real obvious lol...we have now renamed him Dizzie and i bet he is too i know popps is confused lol...Both of them were getting along but now they have started to fight over who's boss and poor popps got off worse with some fur pulled out, Its not possible to run them together so its more hassle but taking him back is not an option he's Absolutely nuts and keeps us all entertained we love him to bits and will just have to work around the problem but at the end of it all poor poppsy still didnt get his mate poor boy...xx


  1. Hello Rachel :) I didnt get your last update but i hope you havent given up on the cakes as they are wonderful. Poor popps lol will you get another rabbit ?
    Hugs Maria

  2. that happened to my friend, she thought her cat was female and it turned out to be male but she loved him anyway and never give up, your work is wonderful! plus if you give up you'll never get better and that would be a shame

    Marisa :)

  3. Hi Maria
    Yeah i dont know what bloggers doing half of the blogs im following have dissapeared from my blog list so im missing a load of blog updates im not too happy about it.
    Im still practicing with the fimo lol...i will conquer it hahaha..xx

  4. Hi Marisa
    I hope you are well?
    My fur babies are all nuts but i wouldnt part with any of them they make me
    Im not giving up with the fimo im still trying some would say very hahaha..

  5. Your fur babies are so adorable, Rachel! Loved your most recent post with your gorgeous begonias too! I really enjoy following your blog and am so glad I found it! :-) Jennifer