Monday, 28 March 2011


Hello and welcome to yet more new followers thanks for joining my blog.
Well i have now decided on my giveaway prizes there will be two winners this time although i would love to give more they are all made ready i hope you like them i will post pictures tomorrow im really lazy in that i havent done it yet i think im in  go slow mode again i hate feeling like it it doesnt make much room for enjoying things but it will pass just have to ride out the storm im sure some of you know how it is??
Well its now 23.47 and i thinki should try and get some sleep try being the word im real tired but sleep doesnt seem to come so easy anymore cant exactly go running around the house through the night although i think i can say my days of running around any time of day or night are well and truly over did i ever mention  i hate incompetant surgeons oh yeah im sure i have said it quite a few times on my blog so i better  try and get some sleep im feeling really Kranky and mad so its not good hope i'll feel better tomorrow

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