Saturday, 6 February 2010


Hello again im sorry its been a while but i have been battling with some personal stuff but im here now and i need to welcome two more followers they are Karina and Casita mini. Thanks for following my blog.

I have had a rough few days im trying not to think about the CT Scan i have to have on the 10th im hoping it wont show anything that needs any drastic action my thoughts have been soley on this so i havent done anything mini except start another carpet in a bid to relax....
I hope your all finding time for minis i appreciate you all for following my blog and i am a regular visitor of all who have blogs too and i really enjoy looking at them they are great inspiration.
I will post pictures of my carpet when i finish. Im cutting this one short as like i said my mind is not really on it and i dont want to bore you with the details.
Thanks for bareing with me through this when i have answers and a game plan i hope i will do better

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