Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Hello today i had some fun went on my first ever trip to Ikea i have to say it was nothing like i expected and i even managed to find some things to buy i ended up getting four tables i couldnt believe how inexpensive they were i thought they would be ideal for putting dollshouses on hey you didnt think i went there for furniture for my real house did you noooooo im always thinking of miniatures lol....
I also went to hobbycraft the walking is a big problem for me but at least i managed to see more this time i bought some craft items i wanted to get a craft tote trolly thingy but didnt see any maybe i just didnt get to that part but anyway i did get a trolly there are pics below of my finds

I found some nifty little punches they are the very small type so im happy with that

Also got some woodsies and polystyrene balls i want to try making some topiary trees i needed a new ball stylus i found some small tiles i think i'll use in my bathroom and i also got some little mirrors i really like this shop

I got some plant pots i wnat to try making some plants we did a punchies swap in our group where we swapped punched flowers and leaves to make plants i havent made any yet though

I bought a fridge for my willow

Trolly i bought nowhere near big enough to hold all i want it to but im not sure i'd ever find anything big enough for all my stuff lol....

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