Sunday, 21 March 2010


Well after another day of sorting through my boxes i think i have done it at least in the house still have the shed to sort out waiting for warmer days though.
Im stunned at how much mini stuff i have accumalated over the past few years though cant imagine why hee
i have a lot of hospital appointments this week and the week after
i'll get to find out once and for all about this metal thats left from the surgery my urgent appointment was so urgent that i have been waiting for over five weeks for it i just dont get it
well at least theres an up side i'll get to go to the miniatures shop you know i feel like a little kid thats been good and is allowed to have an ice cream lol...still i dont mind i'll get to accumalate
more mini stuff the thing is will i end up sorting out my sort out lol....


  1. Hope hospital visits go well, Rachel - and don't buy too much at the minis shop! Take care, hugs x

  2. thanks Allison i whats happening to your blog you havent written for a while i miss reading it take care
    hugs Rachel xx