Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Ok you asked for it Susanne so here it is its not really a tutorial as i dont class myself talented enough to give one but this is how i made my flower trellis

First off i used the heart shape punch for leaves and a flower shaped punch. punch out enough shapes to give you fifteen flowers i used four pieces per flower and punch out enough leaves to cover the trellis

Then i used three coffee stirrers to make the trellis idealy you shoul paint or stain the sticks first group them together with a narrow gap between each then glue a small piece of stick across to join them.

Then take some green wire or green thread and wind it around the trellis as desired and glue

Then take four flower shapes and glue two one over the other and then shape the other two using a ball tool cup one more than the other and add the third shape on top of the first and second then glue the fourth smallest cup on top.after making fifteen of the flowers this way put a dot of green paint in the centres of each now you can paint your hearts green for leaves.

Paint you hearts and lightly rub them with the ball tool then glue them to your trellis

Add the flowers and your done


  1. Thanks for the instructions, I'll have to try it. I answered your email :)


  2. Thanks Ira i'll get them to you asap

  3. Thank you for the tutorial, Rachel, I am looking forward to try it!! Happy easter..

  4. Thanks Rachel - and I think you can definately call it a 'tutorial' :)

  5. Aww thanks a lot ladies im glad you like it and i hope you try it out too it was a lot of fun