Tuesday, 30 March 2010


You know i didnt get blogger to work for me earlier i had a lot of photos to add but it just wasnt having any of it so being im unable to sleep..yet again..i thought i'd try it again and yeaay it worked i found some great bits n pieces in my shed, its been so long since i set eyes on a lot of my things but i just didnt have the energy to get in there and move everything around what with the cold weather and my namby leg but today was the day i think things must be looking up although i have a crappy week comming up tomorrow i have physio but its not like their doing anything when i see them, then thursday its thee day... i get to see my consultant about these metal shards,fragments whatever they are hopefully i'll have some answers.. no wonder im not sleeping my brain knows when somethings bothering me even when i dont lol...ahhhh sarcasm is my thing this week just so long it gets me through is all.
So anyway heres my finds for today err i mean yesterday..

I found my nifty little tool for making bows i actually bought this for card making and its great you can find these here under accessories they also have some other cool gadgets and bits n pieces

And i found this lovely dovecote tought it would be perfect for my garden

Here are some lovely gifts and swaps i recieved also going into my garden i think its going to fill up quite quickly lol..

And then theres the punches...yes theres lots of them mostly for cardmaking but some are going to be great for minis

Oh well i think i should try and get some rest and maybe i can find some other forgotten treasures again tomorrow after physio............!!


  1. Wow I could use some punches lol
    you will have fun with them!

  2. Hi Deni thanks for joining my blog i have a couple of duplicate punches i could send them to you if you like just email me privately with your address and i'll put them in the mail they would only go unused otherwise

  3. Ohh... those flowers and plants looks great!! I´m so much in flower mode at the moment, and soooo envious of your punches...

  4. Thanks Annie im glad i found them again