Friday, 30 April 2010


Hello again i want to welcome Meli Thanks so much for following my blog i love reading yours your minis are beautiful.
Here is the addy for meli's blog its well worth having a look

Could someone tell me how to do links properly i just cant work it out lol... i feel like such a duhh lol...

I finaly finished some carpets ready to send out to some mini friends I cant post pictures just yet but i will as soon as possible.
I have a busy day tomorrow we have to go to a funeral a family friend and neighbour passed away last week so probably no minis tomorrow but today i managed to dig out the fabric for my table cloths and its in the pleater at the moment i hope it comes out ok. I finished painting my tables and chairs and made a few extra tables using some chess pieces and card and my embossing boards that i bought for card making there are some really useful shapes on the boards.
So now im waiting for the fabric to dry in the pleater then i can see how it will work on my tables i still have to cut some circles out for the table tops so if possible i'll try and do that tomorrow i'll post pictures when i can thats if all goes well lol..... The embossing boards and many other useful craft items and gadgets can be found here they sell a few things we could use in miniatures their site is worth a look.

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  1. Making links is pretty easy in blogger. When you´ve wrote your text, you can highlight the word/name you want to be the link. Choose the icon "link" above and then you set in the copied adress by right clicking... Try to search for blogger tutorial on Youtube.