Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I have had a strange couple of days not really in the mood to do anything much but i stitched about half way through the second rug for my mini friend Ira i'll soon be ready to send them off after the previous one went awol lol.. its a total mystery with the post i have only ever lost about three packages in the mail and its ever so frustrating when it happens but the other package is almost ready to send so hopefully it will get to its destination this time i will post pictures when they get there but for now the picture below is of some rugs i stitched last year for some mini mates i used different colour variations i really enjoyed stitching them and they came out really well this is a pattern i will stitch again for my next carpet

This picture shows a little picture i stitched but i was just experimenting so i didnt stain/paint the frame first and it was too late after but thats me lol....still i think it looks ok (haha)

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  1. Lovely stitching work Rachel!!! Love the rugs so tiny and will done!!!
    Congratulations keep on with your great works!!