Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello again
Its been a horrible rainy foggy day here today so no sitting in the garden today, so instead i have been busy finishing off a carpet for Ira and tomorrow i will start on the other im hoping they will work well for you Ira
I also finished painting some tables and chairs i got from a friend for my tea shop i have had them for so long and decided it was time to do something with them i will add a picture when im satisfied that they are ready for my shop i need to cut and pleat some fabric ready for the table clothes im new to doing this so im not sure how they will turn out if they turn out ok you will all get to see them lol...
I also used up all my old clay to make shapes for cakes i baked them and used some snowtex on some and i'll decorate them for my tea shop im going to use some other kinds of topping for the others there will be no shortage of cakes and not a calorie in site my type of shop lol...i hope the weather will be better tomorrow im not a hot weather person but i dont like cold and wet either paul says im like goldie locks i like it just right lol.....
Here is a picture of me with one of my Rabbits his name was Jett sadly he is no longer with us and is missed very much


  1. I'm sure that the carpets are going to be fab, I love the ones that you've posted pics on your blog :)

    Hope that you get some sunshine, we've had a really nice day today here :)

    Hope to see some pics of your mini works,


  2. Greetings! It is sunny here but slow. Your carpets look wonderful. Took a lot of pictures today for my blog. I'm a little bored but keeping distracted Cheers! CM