Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Hello again
I have had a non mini day today as such i had a doctors appointment this morning so that took up more time than i would of liked but since i got home i decided its time to look through and catch up on some of the bloggs im following, i follow so many so i only got part way through but im caught up on about 24 i worked up from the bottom as i realise some blogs have not been updated recently but hey im well impressed by the work i have seen so far. I plan to work through more tomorrow and so on until im caught up on all. I have enjoyed my time spent looking theres so many talented people out there in mini blog land.
Now for something cute and funny My youngest nephew started proper school today
but yesterday my sister visited with him he is just three years old anyway i put the cakes i made the other day in a display case ready for my tea/cake shop
he stood in front of the cake stand holding out his hands ready to take some and licking his lips it was so funny and i had to explain to him they were not real and not eadible he gave a huge sigh and was so dissapointed lol....but at least it proved to me that my cakes looked ok and eadible lol... it makes me want to do more now.

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