Thursday, 22 April 2010


Im having problems sleeping yet again eucchhhh Im so tired but i just cant seem to stay asleep for longer than two hours through the night i know i should be writing about miniatures dollshouses and fun stuff but im just panicked about a lot of stuff right now and the metal is still weighing heavy on my mind (no punn intended) I Visited my doctor yet again and he said the artifact as their calling it (am i prehistoric or ancient lol..) is lodged and unlikely to move and they want me to have another MRI to make sure everything is ok in my head i have had so many mri scans and never liked the claustrophobic environment but i have never been scared but i have to say im really frightened now the whole magnet and metal and brain thing is really scaring me. Although i have been told its unlikely to move im not fancying the chances i need a definate from these people.....

Im sorry for all my poor followers your probably tired of reading about my worries and not hearing an awful lot about miniatures i'll try and do better really i will.
Above is a picture of one of the attic bedrooms in my springwood cottage the carpet is one i stitched a while ago i have made this one about twenty times over only in different colours its one i have enjoyed making very much

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