Friday, 23 April 2010


I would like to say welcome and hi to jody who is a new follower of my blog thanks so much for following along i have already checked your blog out and think its great i hope you will enjoy being here im not sure how to link properly but for anyone wanting to check out jody's blog its here and worth taking a look.

Today i have had a day of finishing off loose ends i have started some carpets for Ira which i cant show you yet until they are completed sent and recieved but what i can show you is another carpet which im just getting caught up on its for another friend i hope she is going to like it i was asked to do bright green and purple colours im not sure i would of chose those colours but they will suit my friends room it will be a couple of days before this is complete then i can send it out
I like to have a few things on the go that way things dont seem so monotinous.


  1. Pues le está quedando magnifica. Felicidades.

  2. The carpet looks fab! And aren't I really curious with my carpets, can't wait :)