Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thought you might like to see my updated willow in daylight im hoping the pictures will be better with the natural light
First up is the kitchen now i have tried my best to take good pics but really i dont think its happening i hope you can at least see some of my collection of Reutter porcelaine displayed on the kitchen dresser and the table has goodies recieved in swaps and a sad looking pie and teapot made by me...

Then theres the lounge with the carpet and firescreen i made

The bedroom also has swaps from mini friends and a carpet made by me and my candlesticks and other knick knacks i made

The upstairs hallway

The bathroom and laundry room also showing my laundry basket

Then theres the attic rooms where the childrens bedrooms are there is actually an attic hatch in the floor so its not too much like flowers in the attic lol...

I got a great find yesterday from a supermarket its a 2metre roll of grass mat i think its great it only cost £5.99 and will do quite a bit i used some on the roof of my tea shop but i think it might also make great carpet too...


  1. You have made so much with that house, looks really nice :)

    Hi, there's an award for you in my blog :)